Elle.se – Four Questions to Loreen (14/07/2013)

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This year’s hair role model at ELLE Beauty Awards was Loreen. We talked with Loreen to find out how she fixes her hair, if she uses extensions, some beauty tips and her favorite scent.

How do you fix your famous hair?

– As little as possible, I like that it looks as if you come straight from the bed. I shower and then ruffle it. If I have some kind of television appearance, I use the straightener and hair dryer. And I also use a lot of softening hair products.

But what about extensions?

– I mix my own hair with extensions, it’s my top secret thing. But that’s like asking a woman for the color of her underwear!

What is your best beauty tip?

– I’m careful about what I eat, and something that’s good for the skin is mango. Honestly, it gives your skin a completely different luster! No bumps. Try it yourself! Besides that, I prefer using Dermalogica for my skin, and probably 80 percent of my makeup bag is Chanel.

Favorite Scent?

– Actually prefer the scent of human skin. But when I want to smell a little floral, I use J’adore Dior.

• Original link: http://www.elle.se/4-fragor-till-loreen/
• Translation: Ajda | http://loreenxtalhaoui.tumblr.com/post/55598678642/four-questions-to-loreen-elle-interview