Loreen forced to break all collaborations (04/12/2017)

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Loreen now reveals why she avoided the spotlight throughout 2016.
In order to create new music, she eventually had to break all collaborations.
– It had to happen, says the singer in the podcast “Värvet“.

It’s five years since she released her latest album. Now, Loreen, 34, has created the album “Ride” in just six weeks.

– I have not released anything at any time, and now I’m working with new people. The natural thing would have been to release one year later, but I was impatient and I felt “No, I do not intend to wait a year,” she says in the podcast “Värvet”.

Stayed away from the media

She tells us that 2016 was a tough year and she tried to stay away from the media and the spotlight. She knew what she wanted to do with her career but was stopped on the road.

– It has been difficult to set the target because you can not do it with mass stoppers and mass energies moving around one that prevents it. You have to be somewhere free from it to be able to set your target for otherwise it will be very confused, says Loreen.

She felt something had to change in order for her to come forward and create new music again. The singer says she broke with both the management and the record company.

– 2016 was the year of change. It was very much to bid farewell to the old and from the people you’ve worked with for a very long time. It was a year of separation, so in that sense it was tough.

“It had to happen”

She says she got new opportunities as soon as she got away from what took her energy. However, the decision to break up with the ones she worked with was not easy to take.

– It had to happen. I can say that I did not really want this, but I realized that it was what was supposed to happen and needed to happen. There are two completely different things, what you want is not always what you need, says Loreen.

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