VIDEO PREMIERE Loreen ”’71 Charger” (09/10/2017)

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Loreen is back with a brand new video directed by the star designer and photographer Johan Lindeberg. I have been entrusted with the very first show the video for “’71 Charger” – the new chapter of Loreen’s rebirth. A chapter with a scary cliffhanger-ending.

– I want to convey that I don’t care, I rather kill myself in a 71 Charger, says Loreen in an exclusive interview with me.

She has been one of the country’s most independent artists and one of the biggest. She has developed through wide-ranging television shows such as the Idol and Melodifestivalen – not least by winning Eurovision with her iconic “Euphoria” – yet Loreen is an artist who always sets her own rules of play.

Although her new music is a reaction to the outside world’s expectations of her, one has never really known what to expect from her.

’71 Charger is the beginning of a new start, a rebirth. The video is directed by Johan Lindeberg (J.Lindeberg, BLK Denim), who also makes the visuals of the launch. In the video, a naked-makeup Loreen drives a Dodge 71 Charger through a lonely gray Swedish landscape. Until she reaches the end of the road, a dump.

Hi Loreen, what’s the ’71 Charger about?

– ’71 Charger is the start of a journey in a new direction. It’s about breaking free from others’ opinions about myself. It’s about removing the imaginary pressure from the outside world and stop worrying about what others think. You’re not free if you adapt to others. It’s time to let go of old beliefs and start the journey towards myself to meet others… At the same time, it’s said with some humor. The inspiration is taken from Grace Jones and what she expressed with “Private Life”.

– I want to show that I don’t care, I rather kill myself in a 71 Charger.

How did you get there?

– The entire album is like a reflection of my own personal “search process”. I want to use my album as a platform to develop myself, and creativity is a part of it.

71 Charger is the first part of a trilogy release from Loreen. She releases the album “Ride” on November 24th.

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