DN.se: ‘Loreen wants to speak with the voice’ (14/05/2012)

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Sebrin: When and why did you start to sing?

Loreen: I started to sing when I was very young. Why I don’t know, I just did it. I didn’t think about it, you know. It just were there. But I never sang in front of people, I didn’t dare. I sang in the classroom as soon as the class went out. I did my first performance with an audience pretty late.

Mariella: Have you always been good at singing?

L: No I haven’t. I listen to the stuff I recorded when I was a child and says “What is that?”. You need to practice a lot. Just like if you want to be a dancer or an athlete. Just pure talent doesn’t help. You always got to practice.

S: How old were you when you were in your first singing contest?

L: I was 19, I think. “Idol” was the first contest I was in.

M: How far did you go?

L: 4th place.

S: It was awesome! I remember it, I voted for you and Darin. You were my favorites.

L: Is it true?! How fun!

S: Can you tell us a little about your dance?

L: I love to dance, in clubs or in front of the mirror at home. But I’m not really a dancer.

S: Your dance is great, it is different…

L: You got to do your thing. To somebody else it might look silly, but who cares? I did my dance togheter with a girl named Ambra Succi, she was a member of Bounce (Swedish dancing group). It is pretty hard to dance and sing at the same time.

M: Will you do a music video to ”Euphoria”?

L: I don’t know, what do you think …? We are discussing it. If so you can make even cooler moves to the song.

S: Can you tell a story with you voice?

L: If you listen to an Arabic or a Swedish song you can directly hear if they are singing a mournful song or if the person that is singing have been through something hard. Yes you can really tell a story with your voice. Sometimes it’s better to tell with the voice, meaning that you sing instead of talking. It is easier to understand faster.

M: Do you have any hobbies?

L: Except from singing I like to dance. But above all a little part of me is Buddhist, I like to meditate.

S: You don’t do any sport?

L: Yes, I sport very much. I love to run and go to the gym.

S: Do you have any favorite book?

L: Yeah, I even have it in my bag. It is called ”Ayurveda”, it is so good! It looks like a geeky book but it’s not. It’s about Zodiac signs (star signs) and your features. Who you get along with, and how you look physically. It is great!

M: How does it feel to have low odds in the Eurovision finally?

L: I found out about it yesterday and I was like “Oh!”.

S: Our fingers are crossed for you.

M: I think you are going to win.

L: You think? You get a little nervous. Everyone is completly certain that you will win and then you might come last.

S: What happens after the final?

L: A tour and writing the album. We will also record music videos, it will be a lot of photo shoots, plenty of them. You can say that I will not have a lot of spare time. I will work a lot.

M: If you hadn’t succeeded in music what do you think you would have been doing?

L: I would have worked with human rights. If something is wrong and if you can do something about then you got to do it, right?

S: Not like the others who does not care.

L: That is why reporters are important, they tell the truth. If there are injustices in the world, how will people know about if nobody writes about it.

L: How old are you?

M: We are 14.

L: How is it in Södertälje? Is it good there?

S: A lot has improve.

M: Yes, many have got the wrong picture about Södertälje. Some people think that you got to hide from everything there, but that is not the truth.

S: No, it’s definitely not like that.

L: What else do you do except being reporters. What do you like to do on you spare time?

S: I play football, I’ve done it for 4 years.

M: I like to shop.

L: What are your Zodiacs?

S: Taurus

M: Cancer. What are you?

L: Libra. Taurus and Cencer? Cancer loves their home. The have sense about style, that’s why you like fashion. Taurus are stubborn.

M: She is really stubborn.

S: You seem to have a good eye for Zodiacs. Maybe I should read that book.

L: Do you read a lot yourselves?

S: I’m reading a book right now, it’s a series, Vampire Diaries.

M: I’ve started to read a book but I can’t remember the name.

L: What is it about?

M: I’m just on the first pages. It’s from the school library. They bought books to get us to read. Before I never read books. I’m bad at it.

L: It’s pretty fun to read, right?

S: Yeah, at night in front of a fire, it’s nice.

L: I wish I would read more. I just say “Is there a movie?” “Good, then I watch that”.

S: So you like movies?

L: I love movies. Have you seen “The Hunger Games”?

S: No, I want to see it.

M: Me too.

L: After you have seen that movie I promise you that you will be fighters like this “We will fight for justice!”

M: I think it’s cool that you can sit in a restaurant without people coming up to you.

S: You can see that they are whispering over there.

L: I do undercover with glasses. It’s plenty of that.

S: Is it annoying?

L: Yes, little, I’m used to just going down to town. What would you like to become when you grow up?

S: I actually have no idea.

L: That’s okey, you don’t have to know. The best thing about it that you can be absolutely everything you want to be. You don’t know either what you want to be?

M: No it is hard.

S: Did you know what you wanted to be when you were in the 7th grade?

L: No. I went to nature direction in high school. You got to try your way forward. It doesn’t matter, nobody knows what you want to be in that age. It is fun, you can try anything and if you get bored, move on to the next thing..

S: Have you become what you wanted now?

L: I will sing but I will do other stuff too. The moment it stops being fun I will stop.

M: How many siblings do you have?

L: Seven, I’m the oldest.

M: Has it been hard looking out for them?

L: No I like it.

S: Me too, we are 4 children.

M: I have 3. It is annoying when they are crying and stuff.

L: How old are they?

M: The smallest one is 2, she cries a lot.

L: I baby-sat all the time. Then my mother once said “I think you need some own time”. She took the sibling and went away with them. I was alone at home. You long for them after a while, right?

S: Yes.

L: Think about being all by yourselves at Christmas…

• Original link: http://www.dn.se/kultur-noje/musik/loreen-vill-beratta-med-rosten/
• Translation: Amanda | http://12points-to-loreen.tumblr.com/post/26688558358/interview-2012-05-14
• Foto: Magnus Hallgren