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With the highest votes ever she won the Melodifestivalen and now represents Loreen Sweden in Baku. That she is single right now is a trip – at least if you think of the current competition. Because when she falls in love, the relationship goes before all else …

Forty minutes later, without make-up and ruffy in her hair, Loreen eventually turns into the lobby of a hotel in Söder, Stockholm.

– I’m sooo sad, the taxi forgot to pick me up, but as compensation I got the trip for free, breaking out this year’s great schlager winner and giving a spontaneous hug.

Her parents moved a couple of years before her birth from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco to Stockholm. Loreen belongs to an artistic family where all family members have something more or less creative profession.

“There has been two-piece music in our family, Loreen expands when she gets down into an armchair with a glass of water in her hand.

At regular intervals she looks at her iphone. It’s busy times and every newspaper wants to get some quotes from the interesting and exciting singer.

Loreen is Swedish, but also North African.

– My parents are Berbers. It is a folk group that relates to music in a special way. The Moroccan culture differs a lot from our culture. There anyone can pick up the drum. One dances and sings better with feeling than it sounds good.

Loreen remembers that she as a little used to shut her to the bathroom because it had so good acoustics there.

“Then I quit the lamp and stood and sang for several hours. Mom ended up knocking on the door but I called her to take the second toan.

Loreen laughs and draws her hand through her long black-haired hair. Then she had no idea of ​​becoming an artist or even that there was music she created there in the bathroom at Västerås. She had no idea about musical terms, whether she sang in big or dark.

Lost the feeling

Then Loreen ended up in Idol. She does not regret that she was in the program, it was a bit like a school for her with all the rules.

– Previously, I used to keep the music in a healthy way. To me, music was simple, there was neither right nor wrong. But meanwhile in Idol, I lost myself and over-analyzed everything I did.

– I lost my love and the feeling of the music. The further into the program series I came, the more the audience felt they came closer to me. I thought I just came farther and farther from my self. Singing as someone asks, what’s commercial can take a while. But it is the good thing that touches the feeling and authenticity that lasts forever. That lesson I have learned now.

Since Idol, Loreen has worked on all sorts of assignments. She has worked at the café, among other things, as a program leader on TV400, but at the same time engaged in music in one way or another.

Only twelve years old Loreen lost his father.

– Dad and I had no really close, good relationship. Because I was so small and I never experienced death, it felt too big and unreal for me to get in right now. For Loreen, sorrow first came 5-6 years later.

“Then I was struck by a great sorrow and missing out on not having a dad in my life. Like everyone else in my teens, I had questions about my identity. At that age, you try to find yourself self-reliant and identify with your parents.

Loreen has always had a very close relationship with her mother.

“It was her who supported me in my sorrow.

Loreen’s mother later met in life a new man who is Swedish.

“He’s a good stiff card I’ve grown up with. Even he was a big support to me when the lack of my father felt too hard to wear, says Loreen, who is the oldest in a siblingshoot of eight.

Typically big sister

“I’m probably the typical big sister who feels a responsibility for the younger ones. I grew up very quickly and had to understand a lot of things in Swedish society that I explained to my family.
Loreen became a link for his siblings, between this new society and her mother’s Moroccan culture.

She has a clear picture of what she wants to deliver to her fans. In all she does, there is a clear backbone. Not least in the Melodifestivalen.

– On the stage of my song for the song “Euforia” I wanted to scale as many impressions as possible. The movements show humility and brutality but at the same time a huge power. I think it’s important to convey the strength of women. The end, when I jump on the dancers’ back, is really powerful, right? Loreen erupts rhetorically.

Over 670,000 votes made Loreen a superior winner. It’s a figure that no one has been around in the past. In front of the Eurovision Song Contest in May, Looren plans to change his track number.

– I already feel that my creative eagerness starts to pulsate. I want to put my fingers in what we have created so far and change and fix a bit, see what I can do better. I will keep the essence, but wonder if I’m going to fly too. I will give Europe a match, I promise.
After the victory in Globen, Loreen’s siblings and mom were in place. But she missed her dad.

– But I’m sure he saw me from above.

What does it mean for you to stand on stage?

– During a phase of my life, it was about my ego. But today I hope to be able to touch other people in the same way that you do in the culture my parents grew up in. We in the Scandinavian countries, including myself, are so incredibly introverted and keeping ourselves. We are hard to feel. I convey a story, the right to feel pain.

Have you suffered pain in your life?

– Yes, I’ve got to know a lot actually. But I think pain makes a person humble.

How do you come from such a period?

– I allow myself to be angry, sorry, I cry and let it take time. But I try to see issues from a higher perspective. I do not stop my head in the sand and do not take responsibility for anyone or anything but primarily on myself. Do not like when people make themselves victims of someone else. You have to look at their lives from the other side, there is a risk of getting caught and the biggest loser is yourself.

What does religion mean to you?

– Myself, a seeker raised in a liberal Muslim home. To me, it’s mainly about how we are against each other. If we are dark in our hearts we radiate darkness to those we meet and vice versa. If we are filled with good and light, we look at everything with the “bright eyes”. Religion propagates for something healthy but the problem is that we humans abuse the religion and use it for our own benefit.

Is there anything you are addicted to?

– No, besides candy I’m not addicted to anything. There was a time when the materialist meant a lot to me, but in the state I’m in now I feel I could lose everything I own without it playing any part. I’ve gone from being tokrik to broke, but I do not care about it.

How are you like a girlfriend?

– I can probably be perceived as quite scary. I’m not so easy to live with, brutally honest and have immense integrity. And then I want to have a lot of self-time. Now it’s probably a year since I was out on a date, I think it’s extra hard to find someone for us girls with a strong personality. I’m glad I have no partner right now. If I fall in love, I would prioritize it above all else. I certainly believe that I would prioritize it in front of the Eurovision competition. I know how I am when I fall in love.


Name: Lorine Zineb Noka Talhaoui.

Age: 28 years.

Lives: Hornstull.

Family: Single.

Current: Eurovision Song Contest. Semi-final on May 24, final on May 26th. Loreen also releases an album in September.

Interests: Multicultural, visual in light, image and form.

Preview: Mom, because she is such an incredible warrior.

Motto: Do not take yourself so seriously. Take the right things seriously simply…

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