– “I want to change so I can change the world” (30/11/2012)

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She was in Idol eight years ago. Since then, it has been relatively quiet around the mysteriously charming singer from Åkersberga. But during Eurovision 2012, she hit the world by storm and gave the word “Euphoria” a new meaning when she took a stand for human rights in Azerbaijan. Recently, she also released her debut album “Heal”. When Metro Student editorial editor Calle Magnusson meets Loreen at Lydmar, Stockholm, she is hotter than ever.

Idol and Eurovision, yet positioning and political. How commercial are you really?
– The worst thing I know is grouping and segregation. As a child, I was very questioned and bullied for how I looked and how I was, and I belonged to the slightly “worse” group. But now it does not exist for me, groupings are completely uninteresting. Commercial or not commercial is not interesting, credible group or unscrupulous group is not interesting. What is interesting, however, is that I am true in what I do. No matter what platform, I’m open hearted and do what I want and believe in. I see myself as a personal individual who does what feels right for me and I’m standing for it.

Who are you inspired by?
– I like “fighters” and elders who work for something good. For example, Elise, the woman in the documentary “Ängelen på Malmskillnadsgatan”. She was herself a prostitute but has struggled for 15 years to get rid of the young girls from Malmskillnadsgatan, away from prostitution. It’s a woman that inspires me, she has a foolish power and a will called “Duga”. She does what she believes in. A real model.

How do you want to change the world?
– It’s so big to say that you want to change the world, but everything is possible if you want to. I often question why you want to change the world. I want to change myself so that I can change the world for the better. If I do not question myself and why I do in some ways, I can not question things around me either. I am very careful to find the reason why I want to change. For example, I’m fighting a lot for human rights. It’s because I’ve been there myself, I’ve lived in parallel with my whole life. In Morocco, which I originally derive from, poverty and women’s degradation are at a fairly rough level. It makes me humble and understand how vulnerable people are.

Do you feel that you can use your celebrity to influence more?
– Yes. I like to have open communication with the media. The celebrity is a tool for communicating broadly, and if I have nothing to communicate, I’d rather shut up. In Azerbaijan, for example, I gathered the media and communicated what I wanted and asked if they wanted to support me and help me together to bring about a change. And we did all of that. Journalists and reporters have an incredible power to influence.

Have you ever doubted yourself?
– Yes, god yes. I would not be able to sit and talk like this with you if I did not participate in a lot. I’ve been down the bottom many times during my life and questioned myself in every way that goes. The uncertainty it creates does not hold, but finally you will find a way to get around the uncertainty of how you are human. It’s only when you dare to challenge yourself as you balance yourself with confidence, you realize you can handle things. For example, I was afraid to stand on stage. The only way to get over it is to stand on stage.

How do you push yourself to dare something you do not dare?
– The only way is to realize and relate to the idea that there will never be a day when it feels good suddenly. Are you afraid of something you are, and it’s just accepting the situation. You will feel scared until it’s over. Therefore, you must grasp it and defy the fear, go against it and actually do. You can not sit and wait for a better time or take a leap, just take a giant step and challenge the fear. It will go to hell both the first and second time, but the third time it will not. I say that by experience, just take a fat step straight into fear.

If you were living your life until now, what would you have done differently?
– Nothing! It’s all crazy, everyone fails, all slaps in the face and all the frustration and fear that has taken me forward. Had I not gone to the real hard slap then, I would not have done what I do now. But it’s hard just at the moment, when it’s hard as hell to think of what it provides in the future. It’s all about breaking patterns, and you can not break a pattern unless you got a slap. Jobs, relationships or anything get stuck in safety, and when we question, and when we question it will hit.

Lorine Zineb Nora Talhaoui “Loreen”
Age: 30 years.
Lives: Where I lay my hat.
Marital status: Single
Job: Creator.
Merit: Winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2012.
News: New record “Heal” out now.
Serves: Too little and too much.
Sign of the Zodiac: Libra.

Loreen identifies herself
If the word euphoria ceases to exist as words, what would your hit be like?
• Maladjusted

You come home after a late after party and are tired, tired and hungry. On the table at home there are two bowls, which are you eating?
Fruit bowl
• Candy bowl

The record company wants you to broaden your musicing. They decide to go on a tour and together with another kind of artist for two months. You can choose. Who are you with?
• Hank von Helvete
Lasse Berghagen

When you went to high school, were you nerdy or were you popular among the guys?
• Nerdy
Popular among the guys

You will buy the newspaper the day after you made a really bad concert because you want to know what’s about you. Instead, there are only DN and Aftonbladet, and you only have one. What are you buying?
• DN

You will travel from Stockholm to Oslo and will book the tickets yourself. What do you book?
• Train

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