NWT.se: ‘Loreen: A shock that my music is so dark’ (04/07/2015)

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From Idol to Melodifestivalen and Eurovision. Loreen has become a major concern not only for Sweden but also abroad.

– It feels good to be back in Sweden. I have been out in Europe and worked a lot in recent years, she says putting her hair behind her ear.

For many, Loreen is mostly affiliated with the Euphoria Schlager-bomb, which has featured lists around the world since she won Eurovision 2012.

– We thought that interest in that song would fall after a year or so but it does not! It has had eternal life.

Getting a hit of the magnitude that Euphoria has become can easily result in the fact that it puts other songs in the shadow.

– Absolutely. Euphoria takes a lot of space, she continues and mentions My Heart’s Refusing Me as a personal favorite.

– It’s awesome to perform My Heart Is Refusing Me live for now, we’re doing it in an up-to-date version. Devilish African beat, she explains and drums with her hands to her legs to give a sense of how it sounds.

– Euphoria is probably the song on my record that is most happy. The other is so dark stuff. It may be a shock to people that my music is so dark. If you have only heard Euphoria.

When Loreen works with music, it’s often a sound that triggers the inspiration.

– Sometimes it starts with a single beat, sometimes someone else comes with an idea that we continue on. But usually, inspiration comes when I’m sitting with my synthesizers and find interesting sounds. The song Jupiter Drive, it is named after the old analogue synth I worked it on.

Pictures can also inspire her music.

– Today I worked with a group and I knew in advance what kind of song we would do. And to make the band know what the song would be like, I took a poster from Tarantino’s movie Kill Bill and put it up on the wall so everyone could see. The poster conveys an attitude, a vibe that I wanted us to capture in a song. Pictures and sounds are important to me.

Her artistry has often been surrounded by a certain mystery. It’s nothing she has tried to promote, it’s rather something that emerges from her relationship with her music.

– That’s how it’s always been for me. People have seen me mysterious. But it has to do with integrity, music has always been so badly holy and private to me. When I sing, I’m in a space that’s holy to me. And for me to be in that condition required that I’m an introverted. Extrovert I’m between songs instead, she says, laughing.

– But when I get started and sing and end up in that zone … it’s really powerful indeed.

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