– Loreen: “This time I did something that I knew was provocative” (28/04/2017)

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The pop star speaks of the struggle for dirty and transcendental meditation.

There was no Eurovision victory this time, but who cares when the music is bigger than herself – and far from the glamor. We talked to the star about Transcendental Meditation and about the fight for the dirty.

Hey Loreen, what’s up?

– Yes, it’s just good, how are you?

It’s just fine with me. What are you doing with a regular Wednesday like this?

– Just today I took a little sleepy morning, but otherwise I’m in the studio and work badly late almost every day. I have been a lot in our studio at Norr Mälarstrand with my producer. One can say that we are a little late birds.

Do you prefer to work later in the evenings?

– No, or when I make music, I prefer to start working after lunch anyway. I also don’t really sleep in and get up late. My morning is my space. Then I usually want to work out so that the ass is not hanging in the floor.

What does a “Loreen-morning” look like?

– The first thing I do when I get up is to do the Transcendental Meditation for 20 minutes. I do that every morning, no matter what. I just put myself up and do it directly in the bed, instead of jumping up and rush to the breakfast or something like that. It’s great meditation by the way. It’s scientifically proven. It enables not only the body, but also both hemispheres. In addition, they say it makes you smarter. I do not know man, haha.

Not me either, I have never tried TM.

– It is fantastic. I do 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. You get fat much energy. It’s better than all the energy drinks together. I bet my fucking life on it.

It sounds harmonious. Talking about it, you can not assume that your latest song Statements is, at least, feeling more dystopic and dirty than your previous music. Have you become more dystopic yourself?

– If I look at my development it is true enough. A little rougher side I have always had. And it has been a natural progression to develop it more, and become more dirty and dystopian maybe. If you listen to my live shows I did right after Euphoria, they are certainly much darker than before. I like it when it’s a little dirty. Statements are quite special, since I have some rules that I usually run when I make music, and in this case, I would not like this song to be done at all. The song was made on a shot, straight through. And I was clear that there would be no more recordings than the first thing we did, just because it would feel dirty.

Was the Euphoria period more elaborate and polished?

– Yes, you can say that. Everything has to do with the producers you work with, because I myself was not as polished as, so maybe it was needed in a different way. But it was still a bit of a struggle for me to get it as polished as possible. But it’s hard for a bride at the start of her career to try to make the guys think that they have to dare to trust the darkness. In Euphoria, for example, was the darkest I had to have the Terminator siren that you hear at the very beginning of the song. It was a damn battle to bring it with it. But that damn saint would be there, I knew. Haha. Then there were some discussions that the appearance was too sluggish. But I do not give a fuck, shut down. Haha.

Could it be a bit of a relief to not win the Melodifestivalen, and perhaps avoid the circus around it? Or is it just a disappointment?

– I’ll be honest, I thought I would go out on the first round. For this time, I did something that I knew was provocative, even according to me. The entire performance was all about myself, and my own prejudices. I really thought about it before if I wanted to win or not, and if so, why would I go through all this again? Because it’s really intense with a lot of pressure. Just to stand there as a creator and get or not get the votes of the people is a stamp that really goes against my principles. But I thought if I could do it again I would do it with something greater than myself, which I did with this song. But in the end, it was a big fucking no, precisely to avoid the intense circus.

What would you do if you were not an artist?

– That’s a good question I actually thought about. From the beginning, I thought that would get involved with something, not in politics, but the type diplomacy anyway. But damn what boring it must be to walk around in a suit and talk different languages with guys who do not understand what you say all day, ha ha. But I had not worked with something creative so I probably studied doctor or something like that. Or at least something to help others. I have this need, big sister syndrome.

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