Rawer Loreen breaks new ground with new album (24/11/2017)

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Five years have passed since Loreen’s celebrated debut album Heal came out. Now, the sequel Ride is released – an album with a raw sound image far beyond her previous sound.

Since the international breakthrough that came with Euphoria and the win in Eurovision Song Contest 2012, it has been full for Loreen. Only in the summer of 2017, she returned to the studio to follow up her acclaimed album Heal.

The album Ride is recorded in Ingrid Studios together with parts of the band Amason. Produced together with Petter Winnberg, Pelle Gunnerfeldt, Fredrik Sonefors and Samuel Starck. String arrangement by Adam Hagstrand and mix of Pelle Gunnerfeldt and Fredrik Sonefors. Loreen has written all the songs together with Fred Ball, Jonas Wallin, Sebastian Furrer, Fredrik Sonefors, Jens “Duvchi” Duvsjö, Linnea Södahl, Cassandra Ströberg and Adam Baptist.

– The entire album is a reflection of my own personal search process. But it’s not just about me, I want the music to make a difference and inspire others to dare to be vulnerable, and see the strength of it. This is both honest and harder than I did before.

In the fall, two singles have been released, ’71 Charger and Hate The Way I Love You – both examples of the new direction that her music has taken.

’71 Charger is about to change from others’ opinions about myself, you are not free if you adapt to others. It is said at the same time with the glimpse of the eye, the inspiration is taken from Grace Jones and what she expressed with Private Life, Loreen says about the first single.

For the album’s visual identity, the creator and designer Johan Lindeberg also directed the music video to ’71 Charger and Hate The Way I Love You. The image language reflects the direction that Loreen chose to bring the new album, it is powerful and at the same time vulnerable.

Autumn 2017 In the autumn, SVT’s K-special has also shown the documentary Livet enligt Loreen – a hailed, personal and nude portrait film by Bengt Norborg who followed Loreen for a long time. She was also a guest in Ebbots Ark together with Tommy Körberg and Adam Pålsson, and participated in Folket Musik where the Egyptian singer and activist Ramy Essam interpreted Euphoria.

Ride is released today on November 24th via BMG Scandinavia.

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