RIDE – The story behind the trilogy (24/11/2017)

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Part I – ’71 Charger

’71 Charger’ represents a break out for Loreen-change of direction, perception, and control. Removing the pressure of being what is expected from her, the lyrics ring true to her spirit: ‘I ride on my own.’ She begins a solo road trip, an inner journey toward fredom. It’s a frustrating and challanging road, much like her own road to creative freedom. The process involves breaking out, revisiting the past, digesting the presents and setting the course for a future in which she holds the keys to her own fate. It’s time to leave all the bullshit behind.


Part II – I Hate The Way I Love You

‘I Hate The Way I Love You’ is the story of both the vulnerable child and the ambitious adult.It reflects the journey begun in ’71 Charger’ whilst digesting the dynamic between youth and adulthood. Differentiations are made between her natural talents and emotions and the mask fabricated. Trust in other people is challanged, as well as trust in herself. There are two sides to this story: the facade and the inner being. Both have their dynamics, one fragile, one bursting with energy and fueled by liberation. How they interact, communicate and pressure each other is an ongoing battle of influence. The question is simple: can these two forces connect to realize their potential as a united entity. Without this duality, it is a struggle. Loreen’s inner child is trapped within a web of warrior soul, the pressure to perform and overlying ambition. Nurturing the child and consciously shutting out the masked entityis the only way to develop and rekindle her inner strengths, allowing her to be true to herself.


Part III – Ride

‘Ride’ is the climax of the trilogy. The realization of the higher self. Finally. Loreen can surrender to her true self. Natural strength and a sense of being that allow her to move calmly in her natural direction. As a sensate act, ‘Ride’ provides full closure to the past and the new beginning Loreen has longed for. The shaving of her hair is an act of liberation, a step in a new direction allowing herself as a woman to be in her full strength and power. Not hiding behind any paraphernalis, like many of us do today, disguising our true potential. But just cleaning up the mind and system from illusions and unnecessary demands, coming closer to being genuinely happy. It’s a final and physical step into a new age, a new vision. Between a union of the vulnerable child, the ambitious warrior and the higher self, a new future is born. The soundtrack, the image, and the attitude begin a new chapter as an artist. Without the shackles of the past, Loreen is free to use her voice to inspire the world on her own terms. It’s time to ride.

• Source: RIDE album booklet | Twitter account