Ålands radio (23/07/2012)

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Liva: What is your favorite color?
Loreen: My favorite color… That depends. Right now, this month, navy blue. Or a lighter navy blue.
Interviewer: Why?
Loreen: I don’t know because I feel navy blue right now. Hehe.
Interviewer: So you feel different colors?
Loreen: I feel different colors, yes.
Interviewer: That is interesting.
Jonathan and Teo: Why do you preform in Åland?
Loreen: I came her because there is an awesome crowd here, some nice people! You wanted me and I wanted to be here. Things could not work out better!
Interviewer: Was this the first time you performed at Åland?
Loreen: Yes, this was the first time.
Interviewer: What are your thoughts?
Loreen: It is fantastic! The audience is different from place to place. The crowd in Åland can party! That is nice. A nice audience.
Rebecka: Which is your best song you have made yourself except Euphoria?
Loreen: I like “My heart is refusing me”. It feels like people likes that one too. “My heart is refusing me” is my answer.
Elina: Where do you buy your clothes.
Loreen: Well, from all over the place. Sometimes I can buy new stuff, Acne and Dr Martins. But I can also buy things at second hand. I don’t think we should buy too much. We should use things that is already used.
Interviewer: What are you wearing today?
Loreen: I am wearing a pair of ninja shoes. As you can see or do you?
Interviewer: Yes.
Loreen: And then nothing over the top. A leather jacket. Something black. Very Japanese inspired.
Interviewer: You have pants that also flattered when you danced.
Jenna: Can you do a choreography with the audience tonight? So we all can enjoy your nice dance moves.
Loreen: What a great idea! I will think about that one. What a great idea! Maybe for next show.
Interviewer: Maybe next time you are in Åland.
Loreen: Yes right! Great idea!
Interviewer: Maybe you should have heard the question before the show.
Loreen: Yeah maybe I should have heard the question before the show.
Tea: Do you like dogs?
Loreen: I love dogs but I’m not sure they like me. They often bark when I pass by. I like dogs, I’m just hoping they like me.
Philip: How old are you?
Loreen: I’m as much as 28 years old. Vingt-huit as you say in French.
Interviewer: You are one year older than me.
Loreen: Is it like that?
Julia and Hannah: How did you come up with the idea to compete in Melodifestivalen?
Loreen: Good question. I did not come up with it, it came to me. The asked me and I though why not.
Interviewer: Will you compete again?
Loreen: No I think I should leave the stage for others. No more competitions for me.
Interviewer: So no more Melodifestivalen.
Loreen: Not as a contestant, more of an act that just perform there, check out how it is going. Keep everyone under control, hehe!
Interviewer: As a security guard?
Loreen: As a Melodifestivalen security guard. There you have it!
Jimmy: Why do you dress like you do?
Loreen: Oh, I don’t think much about… no what am I saying I think how I dress! I try to… good question. I like dressing like this.
Timothy: Would you like do come on a Aperitif or after drink in my caravan?
Interviewer: Some guy, Timothy, wonder if you would like to come to his caravan for a drink?
Loreen: Was his name Timo?
Interviewer: Timothy.
Loreen: Timothy…. Beautiful Timothy. The thing is that I don’t drink. So if I have some time over I can come for a glass of Juice or Water. Cranberry Juice!
Alvin: Do you have a man?
Interviewer: Alvin wonders if you have a man, he was on that bouncy castle.
Loreen: He was named Alvin?
Interviewer: Alvin yes.
Loreen: Well Alvin. No I don’t have much time for a man right now. There you have it!
Deborah: How far does politics influence your singing. (The women is already speaking English.)
Interviewer: That was Deborah, she is wondering how far does politics influence your singing.
Loreen: Shall I answer in English?
Interviewer: You can do that if you want to.
Loreen: Ok. Well… What was her name?
Interviewer: Deborah.
Loreen: Deborah, that was a interesting question, if politics in some way effects my music. I… I think it does. I’m not so interesting in politics, I’m actually interested in Human rights even though they go hand in hand it’s more of a… It is Human right I am interested in. And, yeah. It could actually effect my music and the way I sing. Yeah very passionate. I am very passionate in my music and in Human rights there you go!
Interviewer: How have all the reaction after the winning been like?
Loreen: Positive! People have come up to me and said what they thought or what they felt when I preformed. What it means for them. It means much for me that you come up and tell your own interpretation of it. Everyone are a part of this creation. It is a interaction. The reactions have been very positive.
Interviewer: You seam to be all over they place right now. I would be super stressed if I were you. How do you feel right now?
Loreen: I feel good. Do i feel stressed? No. I’m used to things happening around me. I come from a big passionated family. You learn a technique how to block stress and how you work around things. No I feel good!
Interviewer: Good. What do you think about the other songs in Eurovision?
Loreen: There is such a wideness of music in Eurovision. You have everything from rock to folk music. Every land had their own form. I liked Serbia, it was something painful in his song and he had a nice voice even though he did not sing in English. I liked many but for different reasons.
Interviewer: So if you had not won maybe Serbia would have?
Loreen: I think so, I don’t know. I have no idea! But it does not matter this is still a forum where you share. That is the most important thing.
Interviewer: You say that you can’t compete in music. But you have stil been in music competitions, why?
Loreen: Because it is a platform for music. We don’t have many portals for representing music. There is just a few places to do that and Melodifestivalen is one of them. The competition is a fun thing, you can take it with a pinch of salt. The most important thing for me, my focus, is to create something that I love and others too. That is to say something that matters and maybe inspires people or helps them. It is a portal.
Interviewer: My mother, who you have just signed an autograph to, things you have a cool commitment. How did you get involved in Human rights.
Loreen: I think it is like this… if you have been through a lot in you life, I’m not saying everyone are like this but in my case it is true, you feel for others. I do anyway. I can NOT do anything. I do everything in my power to help others. I am so aware of it, it exist. I can’t block out the fact that other have it worst than me. No, no… MY skin is burning I need to do something!
Interviewer: How was it, now when you are back and everything. How was the situation there?
Loreen: The situation in Azerbaijan was special. It was a ghost town. People did not live good there. They needed someone to put a headlight on the problem. There is a dark energy where you can speak out. You almost waited for someone to speak out, this does not work it is not good. I guess that had to be me.
Interviewer: Do you think you did a good performance over there.
Loreen: I am a creator, a creator never thinks a performance is prefect. There is alway something you could have done different, checked in another camera for example. The most important thing… I hoped it touched people. And that you in someway understands the idea of thinking outside the box. There is no rules in creativity. You can sing and dance however you want to. There is no rules.
Interviewer: Maybe there will be a choreographed dance next time you come?
Loreen: Yes, I would do that with pleasure, if the audience will be with me. You can’t stand there alone dancing.
Interviewer: That is true. Do you think your performance was better today. Do you move forward with Euphoria after every performance.
Loreen: Yes. To preform like this is more intimately than preforming in Baku. It is so close. You see people in there eyes. You meet them. This is a different thing. It is almost more nervous to sing like this.


• Original link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ277ys1ViQ
• Translation: Amanda | http://12points-to-loreen.tumblr.com/post/29545221613/this-is-a-interview-from-when-loreen-preformed
• Photo: Adam W. Zetterqvist