CHIC magazine (09/2012)

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Chic Celebrity of the Year:


How does it feel to be Chic Celebrity of the Year?
– Great, but strange. I’ve never like seen myself as particularly … chic. This is the first fashion prize I’ve ever got, which is sweet. I’m happy and grateful to those who voted for me.

What would you never wear?
– A pink one-piece in latex. Mainly because it would get too hot. When I was 9 my mom made me wear pretty blouses with puffy sleeves, I’d never wear that today either.

How do you see trends in general?
– I’ve never been particularly bothered by trends. When I was 15 I wore a lot of pearls and tights and clothes from more old-fashioned stores. To be honest I was a bit ashamed even then of how I looked. I got a lot of inspiration from the tv-soap “Glamour”, ha ha. It was important to be part of the crowd then and I cared a lot about stuff like that.
Loreen goes quiet and thoughtful for a minute.
– When it comes to fashions I’m either very ahead or very behind. Usually very behind. Trends stress me out. I’ve always been an oddball. I’m more for covering than uncovering.

It seems that you have strong views about the clothes you wear today. How did this independence go together with being restyled as you were in Idol?
– The stylists there probably thought I was a little bit more difficult to work with. Especially on one occasion when I absolutely refused to wear a dress they’d brought out.

What’s the worst thing you’ve bought?
– I’m really not materialistic but any imitation skin or bad quality … no thanks.

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought clothes-wise?

– I made a really bad purchase in Ibiza a few years ago, when I went into a store where everything was dead expensive. There were top quality items everywhere and I had to buy something. So I found a simple t-shirt which I took to the till. When the shop assistant said what it cost I almost fell into a trance and swiped my credit card in slow motion. I couldn’t lose face and had to nicely pay almost 3,000 kronor for that t-shirt.

How much may fashion cost?
– When it comes to shoes I have no limit to what it costs if I can see that genuine craftsmanship has gone into it, like the Finsk shoes you gave me for this photo shoot. They are artwork. But I would never pay 25,000 kronor for a brand handbag like that – no way!

What is your best, secret trick when it comes to style?
– I like layer upon layer. But I don’t like the middle way, so it’s either all in or very stripped down.

Do you have a style icon? Or are you inspired by other things?
– I think John Lennon was dead stylish. I really like that whole hippie era. I’m also fascinated and attracted to intelligence. Different eras inspire me, the 70s, rock, but I also like the Japanese culture and attitude, what is minimalistic and disciplined. I’m probably going to Japan in the future but feel that there’s a crazy amount of people there, which scares me a little.

Yes, just this with lots of people …You said earlier in Chic that you like being on your own. How do you manage today now you’re so famous and you have to tour, do PR and so on?
– I take the time to be alone when I need to be. Like during the summer when I was on tour and we were in Hudiksvall, then I spent six hours alone in my hotel room and meditated.

Is it true you don’t have a TV?
– Yes, I don’t think I’ve watched TV for 5 years.
At this point Loreen’s make up artist Anna Kokotos interrupts the conversation and adds, “Naah, she comes home to my house and watches TV there instead!” Loreen laughs, embarrassed.
– I feel I want to do something else than watch TV in my free time.

You’ve been presented as a person who goes in for clean living, who eats mostly wolfberries and who trains. Have you got any guilty pleasures?
– I don’t know where that comes from – that I’m a clean living freak? Look at me, I’ve been eating candy non stop from the bowl you put out! I’ve got a real sweet tooth. And I love Fanta, so much nicer that Coca Cola. Other guilty pleasures …Opera. And cartoons. I’ve seen all Disney films. My favourite is Beauty and the Beast.

What do you do when no one is looking?
– I meditate. Train in front of the mirror. Dance in front of the mirror.

What gives you most pleasure?
– Not having to compromise. To be able to work creatively, being with people I like, is a big pleasure.

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