German Interview – Loreen about Eurovision, ABBA and a new Album (17/05/2013)

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Soon the ESC-winner will share her “crown”. We spoke with Loreen before the final via the phone.

She is one of the most successful ESC winners. “Music has power and a big influence on people. Music can make you feel sad or happy and it can also give you power. Music can change your way of thinking completely!” She demonstrate the power of her music once again with the new song ”We got the power”.

This year you were in Sydney during Mardi Gras to perform. Have you been there before?
– No. It was a great experience to visit Australia. Mardi Gras is a wonderful big Party and I loved the collaboration with the Gay community. I think that, eh, well everyone is bisexual.

During the Swedish TV-Show “Skavlan” you sang the song “Requiem Solution” along with Kleerup. Is this your new single?
– No, this is not my single, but it is our new single. The song is like an “extended version” of my album “Heal”.

There was also someone else invited to Skavlan… Agnetha from ABBA was there for an interview. On your Facebook site you posted a photo with her after the show…
– She is such a wonderful person. I admire her. One notices immediately that she is a woman, who has experienced much in life and she has a certain maturity.

Do you post on Facebook yourself?
– Not everything. When there is something personal, I am the one who posts it. You can see this with my name written beneath the post. There are also other posts, which are represented by my team: They inform about my performances or so. But everyone can distinguish the posts by the name.

Have you actually met with the other ABBA-members?
– I have met everyone. Sweden is a small country…

If you were to do a cover of an ABBA-song, which song would you choose?
– Maybe “Thank you for the music”…? No, I would rather sing “Money, money, money”, it is my favourite song by ABBA.

Are you working on your second Album and is there already a release date?
– Yes, I am working on my new Album, but there is no release date set so far. Maybe in the autumn or next year’s spring… It’s done when it’s done, we have just started and we aren’t under stress.

Have you heard the discussion about the German contribution for the Eurovision Song Contest this year? It is said that the song by Cascada is very similar to your winning song “Euphoria”?
– Yes, I’ve heard about it and I think people should not care about it. I don’t care. Music is music, and if people like the song, that’s fine. If she is happy with it, then it’s fine. No one can own a song and say: This is my song and no one is allowed to write and publish something similar.

Lena has participated twice in the contest for Germany. Would you like to compete for Sweden a second time?
– Honestly, I don’t think so. I think I have achieved the top, it’s not possible to make it even better. I also want other artists to get their chance. They way I feel today, I would say no to doing it again. But you never now what the future will bring.

If you could play a main role in a movie, which role would you choose?
– Forrest Gump. I know, a man plays the main role, so they have to re-write the role for me. That would be funny…

The video-clip for the song “Heal” is very mystical… Where was it filmed?
– It is a mix of Studio and Outdoor. The scenes that take place outside, were shot in Stockholm.

Thanks to the lovely Georgia Valachi for helping out with this translation.

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