– Loreen was here (31/05/2013)

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Yesterday our embassy here in Morocco invited a bunch of Moroccan stars: Mona Roukachi (more on this adorable man at a later date), Ahmed Soultan and Nabyla Maan. Yes, and Loreen, of course. The young (and crazy beautiful!) lady was busy – everyone wanted a piece of her, myself (not to say at least), Aftonbladet’s correspondent (and talented writer) Helena Trus who accompanied her during her days in Morocco, Moroccan men who understood that she (Loreen, that is) is from the motherland (kisses on the hand and long greetings about health and prosperity for the family), Dutch diplomats, Moroccan cultural personalities and Morocco’s largest radio profiles, – you name it.

A bunch of reflections:

The introduction of the evening
Thus, I have to admit, I was expecting a slightly more modest star (because she truly is a real star). But no. When Loreen was presented by the ambassador’s wife and had to explain to the Moroccan audience who she was, she said:
– Who am I?
– Why am I?
– Yes. In won Eurovision Song Contest. I did. It was different. And different is a good thing!

Loreen is in “the kingdom of sea and mountains”, Morocco, to perform at the Mawazine Festival, ongoing this weekend in Rabat.
Deep Purple, David Guetta, Rihanna (on drugs? It’s speculated), Enrique Iglesas – and Loreen. Awesome (Grymmers), as we said at home in Kopparberg when it was time for the Water Festival in Stockholm.

Tonight’s “I touched a star”
She gave me compliments on my Acne-jacket, I complimented her gorgeous (and extremely high) heels.

If we have the same zodiac sign?
No, but the topic was up for grabs.

About the new single: We got the Power
Comments: We, the people – are the power!

Morocco + Loreen
Loreen – who talks Berbers and has spent much time in Morocco – don’t intend to use the obvious tricks to impress the Moroccan audience during the concert.
– I can’t impress the audience by saying that I’m Moroccan. I always want to communicate, but that’s done with the heart.

And a little (very little) criticism to Sweden
– The Swedes would do well to be a little more like the Moroccans, a little more direct. They have a different energy. The are straightforward. We need to throw the glass on the wall a bit more! Nowadays we just go to therapy instead.

Tonight’s “oops”
Loreen didn’t really like it when her own music played in the background during the festivities.It felt abit like Ace of Bace and Abba instead.

About the previous year – “ESC year”
– So, imagine coming from my space where there never was soooo many people – I like to be alone – to this. From performing on small stages to performing in front of 20 000 people in Romania. It has been … overwhelming.
– But it’s important to me that the focus isn’t too much on me, I don’t want life to get too much “ego”.

Tonight oh really!?
2005 Loreen participated in the Moroccan equivalent of Idol: Studio 2M. She didn’t win, instead the winner was Mona Roukachi, the Swedish-born nursing assistant from Umeå who took an entire country to its heart and in the process has moved back to Morocco (her parents are Moroccans). You get it, it was a stellar evening.

The evening’s personal Loreen-tribute
She’s lovely. Some nice words for everyone she met. Interested and interesting. “What an artist, your eyes, they shine,” she said to the photographer, Ingrid. “So multicultural!” to my friend Abdou. What a nice Acne jacket (to me) (repetition, well aware of it). You get it, you melt.

Tonight’s “moment”
When Loreen performed “Wonderwall” in a jamsession with the Swedish ambassador Anna Hammar Grens teenage sons. Goosebumps.

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