German Interview – “I am going home only to sleep” (22/08/2013)

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Everybody knows her since the Eurovision Song Contest 2012: The “Ronia, the robber’s daughter” look alike with the great voice, conquered Baku, Azerbaijan, the European nation, in one night. Since then a lot has happened. Loreen released a new album and she will be on tour in December – also in Germany.

“Euphoria” brought Loreen’s breakthrough over a year ago. After her victory in the Eurovision Song Contest and the top positions in the charts, the 29-year-old singer has proven that she deserved the victory fairly. Her single “We Got The Power” has been available at music shops since May and hast left her fans craving for more. It is amazing that Loreen is coming in December for several concerts in Germany. She has already explained on “Spot on news” what’s changed in her life after her big victory.

Do you write your music on your own?
– Yes, but I also like to co-operate with other songwriters. When I am writing a song by myself, I am often more confident about it and I know for what I stand for and what I want to say through my lyrics. With songwriters you have to be lucky, to find someone who understand who you are so that he writes down the proper lyrics.

Is there any song on your new album, which is particularly important to you?
– I’m still working on the completion of the new album, so it’s hard for me to say. In “We Got The Power”, which is on my previous album “Heal”, there is a certain power. It also represents something different comparing to the rest songs. It represents a different side of me. It is quite aggressive and energetic. The reactions to this song were funny. Some fans asked seriously, “Is this really Loreen, who sings it?”, because my voice in this song sounds so different. For me is important that I develop myself through music and I can always show new parts of me.

So, do you want your fans to see all the different sides of you?
– The truth always comes out sooner or later. My shows are so multi-faceted. I like to compare them to Yin and Yang. With “We Got The Power” I really felt an urge to show my aggressive side – a positive meaning of aggressiveness. People have in mind that I always am very quiet and introvert. This is true, but there’s more in me. One should observe me sometime while I’m working in the studio, that’s really crazy.

So you try to surprise your fans every time?
– Oh, yes! I think I don’t do that intentionally but it happens inevitably when you try new things. As long as you are the same person as the person you appear to be on stage and this is true, then that is a good surprise. It also doesn’t help to constantly worry about writing music according just to the people’s taste, someday it won’t be real any longer. It’s important to come up with new things, because in the end everything is changing rapidly. Some people don’t like changes, but I love them.

It is certain that all changes are not only positive. What helps you deal with bad situations?
– I believe everything is about determination (or destiny). Something that you learn in your childhood is how to deal with disappointments, there is no other choice. You have to believe in yourself, otherwise you will never go far. What helps me through tough times is that everything makes sense in their own way.

You are now working on your new songs. How is a normal day for you?
– I love to work. Right now I spend lots of hours in the studio. Music is a part of me and I just can’t live without it, so I enjoy my work and I have so much fun. I am many hours in the studio and only go home for sleep, that’s my thing at the time.

What kind of music do you prefer to listen to?
– Right now I’m listening to the new album by Moderat. This band has totally flashed me. I have to sneak out and go to one of their concerts and hold a placard which says “I want to create a song with you”. That would be great. I love this album.

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