– One hell of a party (28/06/2013)

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Skellefteå – Loreen’s latest year has been hectic. The star has performed across the world – and now she will perform at Stadsfesten.
– It will be damn cool, she says.

About one year ago Loreen performed at “Megafonfesten” here in Skellefteå. She had just won Melodifestivalen and was enormously wanted.
– Yes, I do remember. It was damn cool and I remember people having a damn good time. People were on it and it was very crowdy, she tells.
Since then she has taken home the Eurovision victory too, had a tour arround the world and released an album. You notice that she has been abroad a lot, english words slip out throughout the interview with the down to earth 29 year old artist.
– It has been quite messy. I am a bit ADHD and I like it, I have a damn speed as a person, but I can say like this: My enviroment has changed drastic from one day to another. It has been a massive experience.
– Imagine performing all over the world and getting the opportunity to talk about important things in interviews, influence human rights questions even more than I could have before.

More artsy fartsy
The album she released in the autumn has not hit rock bottom but never the less it has not been such a big hit as many one would have thought.
– I think this was something people did not expect. They have heard Euphoria, which is very light and powerful. The album is a bit more artsy fartsy than commercial pop. Some appreciate this other don’t. But making a pop-album, which people only put songs up for for a month would not work. That is not the way I do it.

A summer tour awaits here in Sweden. It will be so cool. You have performed everywhere but very little in Sweden so every time I got a show in Sweden I think: Yes! You have gotten much love from here. It it my plattform after all, a ground zero.
How do you feel for the performance at Stadsfesten?
– It will be damn cool and also other cool act will also perfom so this will be one hell of a party.

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