Swedishcommittee.org – Famous singer Loreen ‘Ambassador’ for SCA (06/10/2013)

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The famous Swedish singer Loreen Talhaoui is from now on linked to Swedish Committee for Afghanistan as “Ambassador”, in order to promote SCA in Sweden. Loreen is best known for winning the European Song Contest in 2012, representing Sweden with her entry “Euphoria”. Now, she wants to make people in Sweden more aware of the SCA development work in Afghanistan.

“I have always been very committed to the work against injustice and for human rights. I want to use my platform as an artist to reach many people with my message. If I can engage more people to support Afghanistan, I am very happy,” singer Loreen says.

Loreen is famous in Sweden, as well as internationally, especially after her European Song Contest victory and she is regularly touring in different countries.

The Secretary General of SCA, Anna-Karin Johansson is very pleased about the cooperation with singer Loreen:

“The Swedish artist Loreen will give SCA an opportunity to reach out to young people in Sweden with knowledge about Afghanistan and SCA.”

Loreen will from now on promote SCA and travel regularly to Afghanistan. She has already finished her first trip to Afghanistan, where she visited Kabul and the village Yaskin Bala in Warsaj Valley. Next year, the construction of a new primary school will start in the village and the plan is that Loreen will come back and follow the work of the new school until it is constructed.

“It was a great experience to meet the people of Warsaj in Yaskin Bala, both men and women. I hope to come back soon and meet my friends again,” Loreen says

“Education is the most important issue, when it comes to decrease poverty and to help people taking control over their own lives, Loreen says.”

“I am very impressed of what SCA is doing in Afghanistan. To me, this is the right way of development efforts. I am happy to be committed in that work.”

SCA Secretary General Anna-Karin Johansson:

“To recruit new members and strengthen the engagement for Afghanistan in Sweden is important to continue our long term commitment, to build for the future. Loreen, with her music and her tremendous outreach on digital media, can inspire individuals and new groups in Sweden.

”She can also show a different picture of Afghanistan, and go beyond poverty and violence. As she will follow the building of a school, she will meet students, parents and teachers and be able to tell a story of dedication, hard work and joy,” Secretary General Anna-Karin Johansson says.

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