– “Creates new song – in Lappland” (10/10/2013)

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They have three days to create a song with someone they have never met. Loreen is one of the artists in the next season of “Sapmi sessions” in SVT.
– It was some of the sharpest creative people I’ve worked with, she says.

The challenge?
To write and record a song three days with someone you have never met.
The place?
An old abandoned railway station near the Norwegian border in Lappland (North of Sweden).
The recordings of the upcoming season of SVT “Sapmi sessions” where famous artists collaborate with Same artists, has just ended .

‘Distant and quiet’
Now Nöjesbladet can reveal all the participating artists. One of them is the Eurovision song contest winner Loreen, 29.
For Loreen the show was an extraordinary experience.
– It was powerful to write and produce in a place that is so far-off and quiet as Vassijaure. One of the most beautiful places I’ve been to and some of the sharpest creative people I’ve worked with. This trip gave me perspective on myself, she says.
While celebrating Same-people.
– Immense respect to the Same and their knowledge. We have much to learn from them and their way of managing the land we walk on, she says.

“Very grateful”
“Sapmi Sessions” is going to be broadcasted in early 2014. According to Henrik Burman, producer at SVT, the surroundings create unique conditions.
– It’s incredibly beautiful and to make a TV production in this place is very thankful, it’s like a bubble. Then the contestants have to both write the song and record it in three days with someone they’ve never met before. That creates an extreme focus and there will be a lot of emotions, he says.

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