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“Candidates, do not listen to advice that does not help you!”

The first big star X Factor Adria hosted on its fifth LIVE show last night was Swedish star Loreen, whom the wide audience knows thanks to her big hit “Euphoria” with which she won the Eurovision in 2012, leaving our candidate Zeljko Joksimovic at the third place. Her career has since moved on to move at a fast paced speed, changing her life from the roots, and we had the great honor to talk to her about the very beginning of her story that took place more than 10 years ago, you will not believe in a talent competition! This is an exclusive entry for our portal:

MjuzNews: In the last LIVE you performed your big hit “My Life Is Refusing Me” and I heard you saw the recording of the finalist of Lukijan Ivanovic performing this song in his audition …

Loreen: Yes! And I think I saw him during a rehearsal, I think I stood by and watched a rehearsal. I’m sure it was him. I heard his recording – it’s great!

MjuzNews: You also started your career in Idol talent competition in Sweden ten years ago. How do you remember this experience today and how much did it mean to you for a longer career?

Loreen: It has meant a lot to me. I’ve learned a lot about how the music industry works. I realized that dealing with music is not just a performance on stage, but that there is a lot of work in preparation for this act. Work in the studio, socializing with people, practicing … It’s really a lot of work and I saw it for the first time just during the Idol competition. This job takes up 80% of the time: you sleep, you work, you eat and so on … If you want something to achieve, you have to really give yourself. Also, then I learned a lot about integrity: that I want to be YES and not what judges tell me that I should be. Who am I? I do not know – but I have to come to it myself …

MjuzNews: Eurovision has obviously changed your whole world. Tell us, did you expect to win by keeping in mind how special and different was your song that could have been turned on but also not to pass the best? Also, did you expect all this glory that came after the victory?

Loreen: No … I did not expect it. Before the Eurovision I worked hard and I tried very hard to get on with myself, and it’s not easy in this business because everyone wants to impose on you how to behave, what should you wear and how to talk … But I struggled for my vision, although not all of them believed that my performance, in the form I had imagined, would go well. Still, I believed in that idea and I kept it. I did not expect victory, but I was persistent in pushing my idea out and not allowing anyone to influence or change it. I did not think about the competition myself, I forgot about it and I did not want to talk about it – I just wanted to protect my performance, because if you do not take care of everything for a moment, everything can change you. Only once do you realize that these are not the lights or the scenery … There is not much time to think about the competition itself.

MjuzNews: You once stated that when you celebrate it, you love what gives you the ability to hear your own word. Do you think music has the power and power to change things?

Loreen: Yes! Certainly. I would go first and foremost. Music made an incredibly powerful impact on me. Music can provoke and stimulate thinking, but also to change the attitudes of people. I was thinking about this one time when I watched a movie in the cinema … If you remove the sound and the music does not remain so much … Take the Titanic as an example, without the tone you see a sinking ship and that’s it. You do not feel anything. But if you play music through this picture, you will start to feel that story in a completely different way. Music can certainly change things in a positive way. John Lennon did it. Music is powerful and it is only important to use it in the right way: to make people happy when they are sad and empower them when they need …

MjuzNews: X Factor judges ask for “something” that every star must own. How would I describe what X factor means for you?

Loreen: I think the judges, if they really want to find someone who has X Factor in themselves, do not need candidates to do something to do, but they should turn the question to the candidate and ask: “How would you do this?”. I think they should stop judging and judging and should let the candidates do what they want. When you see potential in somebody the biggest challenge is to “pull it” out of sight and to encourage it to evolve.

MjuzNews: Are you sure you have some advice for our competitors?

Loreen: There is only one thing, the most important of all, and that’s what they will understand, if not before and after the show: it’s only their opinion and what they feel! They now have a great chance, which they need to use to show who they are, and not what other people want or seek. I know how hard it is, because in the end this is a reality show … People are constantly around them, they ask questions, they have requests … But at the end of the day, they are those who are asking. It’s about their lives, their bodies and their performances. If their advice is not useful or inspirational, they should not listen to it. I remember when I was in Idol, they kept telling me how to mumble (laughter). “We do not hear what you are saying,” they shouted. I was a rebel then, but I did not say anything. I remember thinking about myself “Ma, look after yourself … It’s not a matter of words, but in emotions.”

MjuzNews: When can we expect a new album?

Loreen: I work on the songs every day and will probably release it in September, and before that there will be several singles.

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