– ‘Euphoric Christmas at Moriska Paviljongen’ (21/05/2014)

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ENTERTAINMENT. It will be a Euphoric Christmas at Moriska Paviljongen in Malmö. With its premiere on November 26 and until 20 December will be the Christmas show with Loreen in the center. – We want to make a unique and ground-breaking Christmas show, says producer Niklas Helsingius.

Loreen Talhaoui is currently in the U.S., but Niklas Helsingius says that the singer thought the idea behind the show was interesting and exciting and therefore accepted. – We make a show that is locally produced, says Niklas Helsingius. First, it is a show that fits with our house, one that crosses borders and has the magic and mystery that exist here, and we have with us the artist who took the Eurovision Song Contest here last year.

There will be 16 opportunities to see Euphoric Christmas at Moriskan. The show is thus named after Loreen ESC hit Euphoria. – It is our largest investment to date, and what attracted us especially with Loreen is that she is not the regular artist on a Christmas show. I think the demand to see her here is great even if she is not up to date with any new album.

The show will be held together by a compere, a profile with strong Malmöanknytning, who still kept secret. – And so we have a fantastic local band. We have had our clubs MOPA Jazz and Soul MOPA which have become strong and good scenes for jazz, blues and soul, and we’ve asked some of the exceptionally talented musicians we have here if they want to be involved as the house band at the show. – They will be the main thread and play both when people arrive and when the audience takes Moriskan big Christmas dinner. In addition to singing, it must also be acrobatics and trapeze cabaret with Circus Saga from Karavan in Malmö.

– They were fired up and thought the concept sounded fun, says Niklas Helsingius. They will do a medley of their sets during the Christmas show. Will there be a Christmas theme? – There will be no Christmas songs by Loreen, but she will sing her own music. But there will be the Christmas spirit all over because the salon is in “julskrud”.

Maximum 600 people per evening will fit in the salon. – And I think that our idea can suit for all, says Niklas Helsingius. If Amiralen on the other side Folkets park will also have a Christmas show he does not know yet. – But I think we complement each other rather than compete for the audience, he says.

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