– ‘Loreen making the Christmas party’ (22/11/2014)

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Culture & Entertainment. Loreen is no Christmas person. Moriskan is no Christmas place. Possibly it is precisely why Malmo seems to be an unusually interesting Christmas show this winter. Lorine Zineb Nora Talhaoui, 31, for Sweden and Europe forever known as Loreen, now has two and a half years of distance from her victory in the Eurovision Song Contest with “Euphoria”.

She has, very consciously, moved on.

It is probably wise. History shows that it is almost impossible to run with the speed of a Eurovision victory and build a lasting artistic achievement on it. Better to take advantage of space and exposure and create something of your own.

– But I love ‘Euphoria’ still. It’s almost impossible to play it in the usual way on my concerts. I sing it barely myself, I let the audience sing instead of me, with me, says Loreen when Sydsvenskan reached her in Stockholm.

With the premiere on Wednesday she will now make Christmas show at Moriskan in Malmö.

– And I had absolutely no thought. But they explained the concept to me, what they wanted to do, and I had to realize this … I would actually be able to imagine doing it. Although I do not see myself as a classical Christmas person I love togetherness that Christmas can bring.

The timing is lousy. Loreen has been busy with other things, “insanely great”, she says, and plans to release a new album next year. The music sounds different from the past, Loreen steels herself for the width of the reactions, fans will love or hate it, her prognosis.

Right now she’s finishing everything from music to album covers and video recording. Much of it takes place in London, where part of the team around Loreen works.

– But if it’s right, it’s right. If I were doing anything further, my work with the album, then it would be this. Something that feels worth the effort, something that can develop me as a creator. At Moriskan I will have the space to create something, like a painting. For me it is very important. I will not just stand there and sing to backing-track. It will be an experience, something with quality, something that music and art lovers can remember, says Loreen.

Parts of the project are still unclear, although the premiere approaches. And that’s the point. It must be – as it has Loreen demanded from the beginning – a measure of ice in the stomach of Moriskan house band and emcee Nour El Refai and others involved in the production.

– We need to think theatrically. The venue is very special, the scream after that. If it should be really good and nice atmosphere, things must get changed there. The feeling every day says something to me, to this particular audience I want to give this particular. Then we’ll do it.

The press release talks about acrobatics and cabaret, and DJ gigs far into the night. Not just an ordinary Christmas show, in other words.

– But improvisation, we must not forget. When I think I can hear what we’re doing, then it becomes a different quality, whether it comes from within and complying with feeling.

No she is not really Christmas person. She likes American Swing and big band classics, Christmas songs with impressive arrangements, such as Andy Williams and Frank Sinatra could do. But this will be something else.

– A little more “arty-farty”, haha. And I like that. There’s need to think outside the box and do something else, even at Christmas.

She sometimes has described the live music experience as a joint performance art, something that artists and musicians and audiences create together.

– Yes, I like that image. It gives me much more when the affinity arises, than that I stand there and do my own thing and not inviting. I love it when people come together and sing something together. If there’s thousands of people in the room, then it is no longer about me.

It’s a bit early to think about Christmas presents yet, but Loreen still have two ideas about what she wants.

– I want a Maschine, a drum machine, but I would call it an electronic instrument … And on the spiritual level, I wish myself new insights. If I can get that, it would be great!”

Name: Lorine Zineb Nora Talhaoui, but called Loreen, which should be pronounced in Swedish by e-sound.
Born: 1983, outside of Stockholm. Growing up in Västeras region.
Career: reaching a wider audience as participants in the TV show “Idol” a decade ago. Competed in Melodifestivalen 2011 with “My Heart Is Refusing Me”, and won the following year throughout the Eurovision Song Contest with “Euphoria” which became number one in sixteen countries.
Other jobs: Worked with television production in a number of roles, both as host and producer, and done voices for animated film characters.
Release: Until now, a full-length album, “Heal”, which came out in 2012. The sequel is planned for the beginning of 2015.
Current: as a main act for Moriskan Christmas show, plays fifteen times, premiering on Wednesday 26 November.

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