– ‘Refusing churning out new music’ (16/8/2014)

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She was told to churning out music. Then Loreen gave advisors finger – now the Rockbjörnen-nominated artist is working with new music.
– I pulled the handbrake and said “let’s go into my mood and then it’s quality above fucking quantity,” she says.

Loreen Talhaoui falls inside half an hour late. Her long hair and signature bangs are replaced with whip-like long braids. Two are wound on the head. She gasps.
– I can’t stand this heat, it’s chaos. I must be the only African who can’t make it, she says about the Stockholm sultry weather.

Working on the EP

It’s been a year since she released the single “We Got the Power”. Now is Loreen, 30, working on her next project, an EP. In October, she is aiming to release the first single.
– It’s completely different. It’s a lot hip-hop influenced. I create based on how I feel. Right now I’m in a period where there is an aggressive touch to the music. It must be because of everything that is going on. There is Gaza and too much fucking chaos. People die like flies. It permeates the music, she says.

Travels less

For this year Rockbjörnen awards she is nominated in three categories – this year’s fans, this year’s Swedish song, and this year’s concert. After several years of intensive travelling, she has taken it calmer in the summer.
– Travelling is not good for the soul. It’s like the Indians used to say, when the body travels – the soul will catch up after one day. Before you have time to land you are on the road, it can be confusing and difficult.
Was it natural to continue to make music?
– It has not gone through this crap for not to continue. After “We Got the Power” there were different ways to go. Some take their time and work up material, and it’s closer to the heart. Some feed on.
You knew they were going too fast?
– Yes, a little. After “We Got the Power”, I pulled the handbrake and said “let’s go into my mood and then it’s quality above fucking quantity”.

“It’s a pressure”

Have you felt pressure to deliver?
– There is some kind of pressure there. It is natural that an artist releases two singles semi-annually. This is the template that most work for. Coming from my direction with “Euphoria” which became so large, then it’s natural that you want to keep on. Most of them had probably been scared to take it easy. They want to strike while the iron is hot. I do not believe in the thing.
Have people told you to strike while the iron was hot?
– Yes several, then they got a long fucking finger in their face.

Won the Eurovision 2012

Loreen about her fans:
– They are called warriors. A warrior is a person who is very much on Human Rights, humility and understanding of what is different. They are very good at talking about their problems and talking about what they think.
Do it like Loreen – vote in Rockbjörnen
– I vote in only one category, and it’s for my fans, warriors. It’s not like voting for yourself. It’s not cheating, it’s karma.

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