– ‘This makes Loreen success – in a million dress’ (17/05/2015)

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VIENNA. This makes Loreen success – as Jean Paul Gaultier’s chauffeur. The star designer dressed the Swedish Eurovision winner in their most expensive dress. – It cost 80,000 pounds, it’s hell a million and weighing what seems like forever, says Loreen with a laugh.

Jean Paul Gaultier was the guest of honor, and chose to make his entrance with Loreen at her side when they arrived at Europe’s biggest charity event in support of people with HIV and AIDS, Life Ball, Vienna on Saturday night.

Loreen drove the car
Loreen did it as chauffeur to the star designer. – According to all the rules and common practice, it is the man who should open the door for the woman, but we tried to break it. He’s a fucking legend, so I asked to open for him instead, says Loreen. Among those invited to the Life Ball was Sean Penn, Charlize Theron, and Mary J Blige. Gaultier asked Loreen himself if she wanted to come. – He got in after I made it in the Melodifestivalen together with Kazaky. He wanted from the beginning that I would go on the catwalk as he presented a new colection here in Vienna, says Loreen.

Dress for a million
But then they decided instead to make his entrance while Loreen sang her latest song “Paper light”. – I’m not a model, so I thought at first only does he mean seriously, I’ve hardly been in high heels. But the dress I got to wear. It cost 80,000 pounds, it’s hell a million and weighing what seems like forever. It’s crazy, who buys a dress for a million? I probably would not have done it, but I was glad to wear it. It was Swarowski, it was very cool, she says.

“Observed naked butts”
Many of the guests at the gala chose to follow this year’s gold theme by gold colored body painting and as little as possible in textile. Loreen tells how she and star designer peered into the naked bodies together. – We sat in the car and observed naked butts, he’s pretty damn lovely, she says, laughing big. But he has been to you something more to go on the catwalk? – Jaeenjaeee it’s a secret, but I can say that we will keep in touch, to say something more, and then it does not become something so it becomes silly to say more, she says, laughing.

Nudes singingalong to “Euphoria”
In Vienna, it has annual Life Ball event brought together with the festivities surrounding the Eurovision Song Contest, as many of the competition’s fans were also in place for the charity event. Besides Loreen also appeared Conchita Wurst. – I felt at home. There was an incredible amount of people and they would like to join and sing that when I did ‘Euphoria’ they were singing and imagine those standing there almost completely naked in gold and just sing along. It was absolutely amazing, says Loreen.

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