– ‘Loreen: “The Song Contest is just fantastic”‘ (19/05/2015)

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She was one of the many great starters of the Viennese Life Ball and took a bit of her time to talk with us. The Swedish pop singer and former Eurovision Song Contest winner Loreen is already looking forward to this year’s final in the Stadthalle in Vienna, enthused about Conchita Wurst, talked about her new single and the upcoming album and showed her – as usual – political and social criticism.

“Krone”: Loreen, on Saturday you were one of the starters at the Vienna Life Ball. What does it mean to you and what is the most important message for you at this event?
Loreen: The background of the Ball is around the subject of HIV, and AIDS is an area that could affect everyone. I think it is very important to throw a light on it and to contribute as much as possible to an improvement of this problem. Everyone should help as much as he can. I have researched a lot about the Ball in advance and I inquired exactly – a really great thing.

“Krone”: You were not the first time here in Vienna as a guest. Do you have nice memories of the city?
Loreen: I’ve been here last April and had a show at the Chaya Fuera. I immediately fell in love with this city and now I have to use the stereotype – I like Austria since my childhood, because I also was and am a big fan of “The Sound Of Music”. (Laughs) The architecture and all the old houses are just wonderful. Vienna is undoubtedly one of Europe’s top cities. It is only a pity that I am only here for a short time. I also felt very welcome and there were lots of fans at my show.

“Krone”: After you release new material, will you be back for a live show soon?
Loreen: It seems good, yes. If it is not possible to tour in the autumn, you can expect it at least after Christmas. I am looking forward to it.

“Krone”: Before we talk about it, we come to another elementary theme – the Song Contest. In 2012, you won it confidently with “Euphoria”, on Saturday the final of this year’s competition takes place in the Vienna Stadthalle. Have you been asked if you would like to participate actively?
Loreen: Officially I was not asked, but I got a call when someone found out that I was in Vienna. I should come to a party right now – that would be wrong, so I did not expect. (Laughs) But I was completely focused on the Life Ball and had no other plans. I would like to stay here for a week because I like Vienna, but the dates do not allow it. Maybe I will arrive again on the Song Contest weekend to watch the final.

“Krone”: Your interest in this competition is unbroken? Many people like to distance themselves after a few years.
Loreen: Of course, this is a big, important part of my life. This competition is simply fantastic when people from different countries share a vision with different languages ​​and different music styles. I love the attitude of this competition. My song in 2012 has simply changed everything for me. It is not that I am now rumbling and constantly preaching: “Hey, I’m a star!”. I just love the show behind it. I performed this year with my new single “Paperlight (Higher)” in Sweden during the Melodifestivalen because it was so much fun.

“Krone”: Would it be an option for you to participate again?
Loreen: “Euphoria” was a beautiful song, which also represented an important message. So I had to show something, to give people something. If I had such a song again or such an idea, which reflects my vision and my ideology, that would be at least worth of a consideration. I just do not like the part of the “competition” and the mutual measuring. (Laughs) Otherwise the Song Contest is outstanding.

“Krone”: Have you ever met our previous year’s winner Conchita Wurst?
Loreen: I think the first time we met was in Stockholm. She has performed there.

“Krone”: You are a person who has always been very interested in politics and social issues. How important is the role of Conchita Wurst in the music business?
Loreen: She is a great singer and also excellent on stage, there is no doubt at all. But it is not primarily important for the music business, but it is actually a political statement. She is simply herself in this role and that feels and it shows. It returns the most important message at all – it does not matter who you are, as long as you are happy with it. It was just very important that she, as Conchita, had a lot in the public to reduce prejudice and make many people more understanding. There is not only a kind of man or woman, but each and everyone can individually decide what kind of life he or she wants to lead. On this year’s show at the Swedish Melodifestivalen, I went up without much and danced on high heels and Kazaky, a Ukrainian dance group. Again, like Conchita, we just decided to do it the way we want. No rules and no regulations – just as we were created.

“Krone”: When you think of the Song Contest in Vienna – do you have a certain favorite?
Loreen: Of course I like the Swedish entry of Måns Zelmerlöw, also because he is a good friend of mine, but the Makemakes are also great. I like their song “I Am Yours”. I like the voice and also the vibe that the song gets through the piano. That sounds just so live and genuine and really good.

“Krone”: You’ve really researched well.
Loreen: (laughs) Of course, what do you think? The Makemakes song I listened to yesterday. Either Sweden or Austria will win. Or both. (Laughs)

“Krone”: Let us talk about your music – with “Paper Light (Higher)” there is after almost three years again a new single from you. A damn long time actually.
Loreen: That’s right, but time is passing fast. “Euphoria” was a very successful song. I did not want to put another song there, because it would have lost it. Only then could I concentrate on new material and new songs, as the hype around this number flattened. A part of my creative process went even damn fast, another part needed again a long time, until it was finished. I am actually relatively impatient, but had to realize that creativity sometimes does not go fast. Also, I was on tour very long, much traveling and the song has also taken a lot of studio time.

“Krone”: What is the content of “Paper Light”? What is the message of the new single?
Loreen: The theme of the song was a discussion I had with my songwriting partner. It was in this discussion about the gay rights, the definition of masculinity and femininity and what rules in the world exist in that direction. The quintessence of the message is that we simply learn more, be more tolerant, and have to give the next generation a broader world view. All rules that govern good or bad come from people. It is given to men and women how they dress or often have to behave. We always pretend that we were created by God and were holy, but that’s just not true. We are born and shaped by other people and we are also controlled and regulated by people. So many things are frowned upon. You can not show your breasts as a woman, for example. Or just take Conchita again – is she a man or a woman? Why does she wear a beard? But why this discussion? These guidelines come from people, why do not we change them, make them more up-to-date? It is often frowned upon to question anything. I am concerned with the self-determinateness of the individual. If I want to hurt myself, then this is my free decision, because it is my body. In the discussion on “Paper Light”, it was simply a question of showing that we do not want to be alien. That we should think outside our little box and have to deal with something more openly. We have to question a lot more. Asking about religion, questioning traditions, questioning cultures and everything that had been created by human. All of this is not perfect and not for eternity.

“Krone”: When does the album come to the single?
Loreen: This will happen in late August, early September.

“Krone”: Is there the political or social critique in the rest of your album?
Loreen: Politically, I would not necessarily say now, but I am very often into human rights. But clearly, somehow you can connect that, of course. Everything I do is subject to a certain background. Even the lovesongs you know from me have a certain background or are based on a story that revolves around humanity, beliefs, the tragedies of people and their fears. We are afraid of being alone and often unconsciously making fatal decisions in our lives. The whole album is about these things, which are important to me, and which I can partly also connect with myself.

“Krone”: Actually, for a collaboration with Conchita Wurst everything is obvious.
Loreen: (laughs) She is wonderful, I love her. We will see.

“Krone”: How will your upcoming album sound? What will be the difference between your successful album “Heal”?
Loreen: I’d say the upcoming album will be more experimental. On “Heal” were a lot of ballads and the album was much more moody. “Euphoria” was one of the few songs that people with party atmosphere brought in connection. (Laughs) The upcoming album is much more influenced by hip-hop. There are more beats and everything is much more dynamic. It is not an EDM album, but simply a mixture of my personal preferences. I love beats and I love melodies and have tried to create a good mix of them. There are lots of electronic elements to listen to, but nevertheless, everything will sound pretty organic and genuine. This is mainly due to my voice, which is a totally real thing to the electronic sound.

“Krone”: How will the album be called?
Loreen: I really do not know yet, I do not want to decide now. It is difficult to capture the many moods on the record with a title. I am quite excited already. I do not even know what my next single will be. (Laughs) But at the right time, everything will decide.

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