– ‘Loreen still has a lot to say’ (30/05/2015)

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The Swedish Eurovision winner hopes that the people get used to the fact that her performances always come with accompanying messages. The injustices she experienced during her growing up makes the singer act today.

Last time Loreen created headlines when she performed with her upper body naked in the Melodifestivalen in March. It became hello in the media, but no storm. The Swedish people may start to get used to the fact that when the 31 year old singer performs, there is always an associated message.

Loreen about her style and her message

– I hope they get used to it, so it will continue. Like Bob Marley, U2 and Sting, I want to communicate things through my music and performance.

It was mostly positive attention received at the Melodifestivalen. Loreen says she believes television viewers understood what she wanted to say. The Swedes have learned that it is not Loreen’s style to get out. She did not want to be daring and sexual or a victim. But she has a message.

In addition to Loreen wearing no clothes on the upper body, the male dancers also had high heeled shoes.

“It was about the woman’s right to herself, about the men’s right to himself. The right to be just the one you want. I have met resistance to it so much here in the music industry so I felt I had to make a manifestation.

Swedish Pocahontas

The Swedish people first met Loreen when she attended Idol in 2004. She had curly hair and colorful dresses. On the way the singer has found her style.

Loreen laughs that today she looks like her biggest idols when she was about six years old. The idols were Pocahontas and Ronja Rövardotter.

“You have to be shaken to dare to take the step and say “No, this is me”. After my participation in Idol, I had to take a few strings and had people who had opinions about me. Then I realized that nobody should tell me how to look.

Loreen says she was lucky because she has a record label and people around her who are very supportive of what she wants to do. Sometimes they scratch their minds to her ideas, but they never question.

– I get backing and support. Though I had not received it, it would still have been as I want, but it would have been a lot harder. I own myself and you can not force me to wear pink, says Loreen, who is also today wearing all black clothes and a black leather coat.

Diplomatic activist

When Loreen competed in Eurovision in 2012, organized in Azerbaijan, she was the only artist to meet local human rights activists. As a result, she had some threats and she herself said she was sometimes afraid. But she felt she had to talk about the injustice that happened in the country.

Loreen does not want to call herself an activist, but when she is feeling strong for one thing she has to act. She thinks it’s because she all the summers as a young traveled back to her parents home Morocco.

“My relatives live in just a few squares, just so they can afford the roof. If you have grown up with clear injustices, it affects it. Secondly, I want to fight poverty, but also for the sake of women.

It is three years since Loreen won the Eurovision in Baku with the song Euphoria. She has not yet had enough of the song.

– I love it more and more for every day. I think it’s because people like it. It will be a common point that we have together. Everyone has their own story as they associate with the song, making it no longer just mine. I’m just the one who mediates the song.

Sing more rule than exception

Loreen tells us that it’s usually the audience who sings it more than her, and she thinks it’s amazing. Some time ago, she was on a gig in Lithuania, 5,000 people came to the concert and everyone sang along with Euphoria. She says she is touched by such moments.

The first single from Loreen’s new album is Paper Light. The next single will be released in August and then eventually the album will be out.

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