– ‘Loreen, why is Sweden so successful at ESC?’ (23/05/2015)

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Sweden is the finishing touch of Eurovision. asked the reason for this year’s 2012 Swedish winner of Loreen – and got a credible, sensible answer.

Loreen won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 with Euphoria. It is her biggest and most famous song, which, in Loreen’s opinion, is not just for her but for everybody who has ever voted or has ever heard of it. Euphoria is still a popular song that recently Loreen had been presenting it to thousands of people in Lithuania at least three times in the evening.

“I was already in the hotel room when the concert organizer asked me to sing it again”, the Swedish singer tells

But now Loreen looks forward. The new single Paper Light, released in March, is a testament to the fact that she is not falling into a single hit – or a single player. Now she thinks it’s new in sound and voice.

“The song sound can be used in many ways just as Jimi Hendrix used the guitar, with a new singular song, quieter, Hendrix sounded silent and hard, typing between the guitar behind the neck.”

In Finland, Loreen was scheduled to appear at the Helsinki Circus Fiveth event on Saturday. Eurovision winner, is the right person to answer it, why Swedes have won the Eurovision not only in current competitions, but also including decades ago, among others, Abba and Herreys?

“This is an interesting question that I have been thinking with many people. I guess the answer is that people want to take part in the songs. Sing along. Empathize. And we in the Nordic countries we know how to make songs that are easy to take part in. The melodies are unpretentious, not such as in the United States,” she says “and singing Beyoncé-like runnings like one should not just enthuse anyone in the audience.

Are you excited about yourself when you were mostly a viewer?

“Yes, but I come from quite the most deprived family. We had no opportunity to go to concerts when I was a kid. I remember whining, when I could not go to Michael Jackson gig. Then I learned all his songs. And moves from the videos.”

Can you moonwalk?

“I can, but I can’t show it now because I have high heels.”

Text and photos: Pasi Kostiainen

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