– ‘Loreen refused Beyoncé: “Then they got a fat-no”‘ (08/05/2015)

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Loreen became world famous overnight when she won the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. This fall, she will return with new material – including the one song Beyoncé has shown interest.
– Then they got a humble fat no, says Loreen.

Artist Loreen, 31, competed in Melodifestivalen 2012 with the song “Euphoria”. She won, and came home later with first place in the Eurovision Song Contest.
– It was like winning the World Cup, everyone was with and everyone has their story about the song, says Loreen. After the victory toured Loreen around the world. Everyone wanted to hear the song.
– After the Euphoria tore it in me everywhere and I tried to play as much as I could. It went on for almost two years, until I myself pulled the handbrake. It could have continued indefinitely, says Loreen.

Longed for creation
As she toured around, she felt that it was time to create new music.
– It is not so creative to basically stay at an airport. You come to a point where you feel you need to enter the workshop and create, she says. Although she is often associated with “Euphoria”, she is not tired yet.
– I have enormous respect and gratitude for what ‘Euphoria’ has given me. I do not think it’s a pain to run it. It has given birth to a community and is an important part of me, she says. And the popularity after Eurovision made Loreen really take it easy and live on the hit song.
– In practice, I could do it. But for me, the money has never been what pushed me. My starting point is not the money and never will be. I like to create, I feel very good out of it. It’s somewhere my strength, and then it’s just what I do, she says.

New Album In September
Now is Loreen back with new material. During Melodifestivalen, she appeared with her new song “Paper Light (Higher)”, a performance she has been acclaimed for. During Thursday released the music video for revised version “Paper Light Revisited”, and in September the album is expected to be released. The next single comes out in August.
– There are many people who pulled the song. Beyoncé has shown interest in the song but I could not, I keep it too close to my heart, says Loreen. The song is written together with the artist Kiesza, who has the same record label as Beyoncé.
– This was back in the days, Kiesza and I wrote the song at Stargate, all the songs we write together end up otherwise high there. The song ended up with Beyoncé’s team and then they got a humble fat no, says Loreen.

Believes in Mans Zelmerlöw
Now it’s Mans Zelmerlöw who’s lucky to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest. Foreign media have taken up his statement in “Pluras kök Sicilien” last year where he called homosexuality a “deviation”, although he apologized several times.
– There is no nerve or vein in him being homophobic. I do not think it affects him adversely. One must look at what is good in a man, says Loreen.

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