– ‘Loreen’s demands on TV4 – facing the behavior’ (15/08/2015)

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Loreen appeared at “Sommarkrysset” with a hard demands on TV4 on the stage show. At the same time she reveals now the message with her performance, and that she loses money on the creative stuff.
– I will probably be a street musician after this, she says.

It was in Saturday evening’s “Sommarkrysset” on TV4 when Loreen stole the show with an expensive number to her new song “I’m In It With You”.
During the performance she was standing behind the fence, and around her 10 girls outside. Furthermore, the picture changed to black and white.
After the show Loreen explained that with the number she wanted to remove prejudice and fear.
– There is so much happening right now in Sweden that separates people from each other, prejudice and fear. I try to talk about what is relevant, and create community, she says.

The expensive number was a demand that Loreen had on TV4 to set up the program. She feels that it was necessary to get the message out.
– They know how I am, they listened to the song, and I said I wanted to connect with the video. I wanted to take the opportunity to try to talk about the community and our common denominator. The people who both work with “Sommarkrysset” and Melodifestivalen support these beliefs, says Loreen.

The stage performance at “Sommarkrysset” was expensive, and Loreen paid herself for it, she says.
– That’s the story of my life. Usually it is too much, not all, but pretty much because you believe in something. For the creative stuff. I will probably end up as a street musician after this, eating noodles and drinking water for the rest of my life”, she says.
She says that she chooses to spend what she can on the creative stuff, and that she does not always earn money on her performances.
– Both yes and no. I’m not the world’s richest person. I’m not going under, but I choose to spend what I can on the creative stuff instead of having coffee breaks or travel around the world.”

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