– ‘Secret game behind Loreen’s comeback’ (30/10/2016)

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The game behind Loreen’s comeback in the Melodifestivalen went into the last.
The artist left a message just hours before SVT would present all contestants.
“Everything has been about finding the ultimate song,” says Christer Björkman.

Loreen Talhaoui, 33, is back in the Melodifestivalen.
In recent months, Christer Björkman, 59, and SVT have been working on the former Eurovision winner to compete again.
After the big win with “Euphoria” in 2012, an involvement has not been obvious.
Loreen hesitated if she would say yes and gave a positive message to Christer Björkman only on Tuesday evening, just hours before SVT would present all the artists at a press conference.
– You know how I am, I have to consider things. I decided two days ago, she says.

Had high demands on the song
The puzzle to get together the starting bar meant that several other artists had to wait in the last to be notified.
– If you keep the door open all the way to the end to get the ultimate song, then someone else gets standing on hold. Then, in some cases, says Christer Björkman.
Loreen will compete with the song “Statements”, which she has written together with Anton Hård av Segerstad, Joy Deb and Linnea Deb.
– It’s always about the song. Nobody gets into this at all without the right song. The greater the artist is and the greater the credentials you have in this context, the higher song requirements. And it’s about it. That’s what we’ve been up to, finding the ultimate song that makes sense for her to get into this again, he says.
You have tried to convince her?
– Yes, of course it is.

“Clearly they wanted me to join”
According to Loreen herself, it was the message of the song that made her soften. The contribution is not a new “Euphoria”.
– Obviously they want me to join, I’m not going to get along with that chair. But like Euphoria, I felt like I had a cold that I had something I wanted to convey and it does not matter how things go, she says.
Since the Eurovision Award 2012, Loreen has had difficulty following up the huge hit that “Euphoria” became across Europe.
She has doubted whether it is the Melodifestivalen which is the right way to go for a new start in the career.
– The reason she hesitated until the last moment was whether she would dare to expose herself to stand there at the press conference. It takes a lot to dare to take a step back in the career. She has realized that she has to prove herself again, that her career needs this, says a source familiar with.
Loreen competes in Skellefteå on February 25th.

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