QX.se: “The song? I’m thinking of Smells Like Teen Spirit” (30/11/2016)

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How is the Aquarius then? How is the Aquarius then? Loreen opens the interview by asking that proves that she has an eye on her to be interviewed by. And this through a zodiac sign clearly. Our beloved ESC winner from 2012, Loreen, is back in the festival for the third time and now with a song written by herself and Joy and Linnea Deb, Anton Hård av Segerstad (You, Heroes, My Heart Wants Me Dead, Don’t Worry).
What made you stand again?
– I have something to tell, it’s my driving force. I felt that I had to take my responsibility as a creator. Because there is so much happening in the world. It’s crazy. I actually decided to join just one day ago. It’s a carousel, which takes a lot of energy so I was a little back and forth if I would be in again.
What did not agree to be in?
– It’s a lot of work. And, as a perfectionist, I am very careful that everything will be as good as possible and that I convey what I want to convey. So there is no misunderstanding because the song is just called Statement.
What kind of song is that?
– It’s NOT Euphoria, it’s more “gritty”, much harder, more scaled, but very powerful by voice. To get the feeling you want in the refrain you cannot hold it back. I think of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit …

• Original link: https://www.qx.se/noje/127156/laten-jag-tanker-pa-smells-like-teen-spirit/
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