– ‘Interview: Loreen answers the people’s questions before the Melodifestivalen 2017’ (01/12/2016)

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Loreen will compete in Melodifestivalen 2017 with the Statements. Here Loreen tells more – answering questions that the web’s visitors themselves sent.

How did the tours go in your mind when you weighed arguments for and against being in the Melodifestivalen?

– I decided on the day before the press conference that I would join, and I thought so many different things. Should I or should I not? Why? And then I realized I have something to say and would like to convey to everyone. And what are you going to see in February!

Do you feel that you are in any way at risk of “destroying” Euphoria by joining again, or what is it against?

– I do not think I will be able to destroy Euphoria because it’s like its own book, one can say. It spoke to was that I give everything I have when I create, and it can sometimes be damn tiring, I can become very exhausted.

What is the song about?

– It is about the situation in the world today. But above all, giving people power and inspiration. That’s what we need today.

With Euphoria, you worked with the choreographer Ambra Succi and created an unforgettable performance. Are you going to work with her this time too, or how do you think about the visual?

– Hemlis hemlis. But I can say this. Or, what can I say by the way? Euphoria-Loreen has become Jeanne d’Arc. She was a woman who fought for the right causes.

If you win the Melodifestivalen, what are the plans for Eurovision 2017?

– Oh God, I have not even thought of that.

How do you feel now?

– I feel happy but nervous.

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