– ‘Loreen: “I want to empower women and change the climate in the world”‘ (30/11/2016)

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Loreen is one of the contestants in the Melodifestivalen 2017. Baaam talked to her about the music, the harsh climate of the world and to empower women.

Five years ago, she caught not only Sweden’s, but whole Europe’s hearts when she won the Eurovision Song Contest with “Euphoria”. 2017, Loreen will compete in the Melodifestival again. The reason? She hopes, as she describes it, will inspire people to ignore our fears, given the harsh climate in the world today.

With the song and her performance she also wants to empower women. “That’s why I’m standing here. I’m standing here because I think we have something to say”, she says.

Melodifestivalen again, the bang. You just said that people haven’t known about it, haven’t you told anyone?
– I decided it yesterday, it was because I looked at the phone. They just, “thank you for saying something”, “I thought I was your friend”, and then just “oh, how fun, how fun”.

Was it a difficult decision to take?
– Yes absolutely. This song was written two weeks ago. I received a request but I thought it was not interesting to go and stand on stage just because. I do not have that need, I’m not that kind of act.

– When I wrote this song, it was like I had to pull my straw to the stack as a creator, considering what is happening today in the world. We artists can inspire other people. We can shift our focus elsewhere. So maybe we can reflect the fears we have. Because I think we all think about it.

So, what would you say is what you want to convey with the song?
– This is a reflection of me. I want to strengthen myself, as well as strengthen others and try to bring back some form of power to the people. With this climate, we must learn to see beyond our fears, and understand that there are fears and work the right way. We need it.

Loreen says that the contribution she will compete with is different from Euphoria.
– It’s an empowering song, but still … it’s raw. It’s like not at all like Euphoria, in that way. But it has the same spirituality. It’s a bit tougher.

Finally, she says that she with her participation in Melodifestivalen want to lift women.
– And then I also want to empower women. I did that with “Paper Light” as well. If the man can go half-naked then the woman can go half-naked. You have to delete those stuff.

– That’s why I’m standing here. I stand here because I think we have something to say.

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