– Loreen: “This is something completely different” (22/02/2017)

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Loreen is back in the Melodifestivalen. But do not expect any new “Euphoria”.

– With this song, I demand a little more of my audience, she said ahead of the fourth round.

After Loreen’s total dominance in both the Eurovision Song Contest as the Eurovision Song Contest, there were few who believed that she would be visible in the pop context again.

But five years after “Euphoria” she is back in the competition.

– It was “no, no, no, definitely not” into the last. But then this song came up, says Loreen.

The song that made her change her mind called “Statements” and it’s not that she thinks it’s a winning song, but that she believes that it can inspire people.

– One wants to help to influence oneself and their surroundings. To stand up for what needs to stand up for today, which is to propagate for “unity” and show a light in the tunnel. To be a kind of countermeasure to Trump and all these horrible leaders whom we have chosen because of our frustration.

“We are not victims”

Despite the title, however, “Statements” no placards political song.

– It’s really not like this, “What did you do with world?”, nothing like that. It was really stupid that I named it “Statements”, for the whole line reads “we do not need your statements.” What I am trying to show is the human capacity to influence themselves and their environment, we are not victims of anything, says Loreen.

– Then it becomes political because everything is connected. But if you just watched world politics it would have been blaming someone else, it does not solve any problems. It applies only to “okay, what can I do for difference with my voice and my ability?”

Che Guevara

Musically describe Loreen “Statements” as something “you do not expect anyone to show up in the Melodifestivalen.

– With this song I “push” it much longer. It’s something completely different, much harder. There is nothing perfect with it, it breaks rules and I sing it in a way that is not corrected. It has a little “punky” touch.

Do you think the viewers will understand it?

– It depends. If you have followed me I think you will understand why I’m taking this step, why Loreen suddenly enters with some kind of Che Guevara attitude. But if you let me go after the “Euphoria” five years ago, I think you will like this “oh”. Because there is a lot of things that have happened on the way.

“I’m going out”

Given her history in the Melodifestivalen Loreen is the fourth biggest favorite. She herself tries not to think about it.

– Because I am doing something so different it feels best my own sake to think, “Oh, I’m going out, but I’m doing something I believe in so it does not matter.”

Some would say that she has everything to lose. It keeps Loreen not agree.

– You can lose your egoboost, but you always do it sooner or later. The most important thing is that you feel “I work for me?”. Because you do not work for yourself, it does not matter how much everyone else thinks you are good. If I were to be eliminated and feel “Damn, this hurt,” then it’s time for me to start working on my personal development.

Facts: Loreen
Lorine “Loreen” Talhaoui was born in Åkersberga outside Stockholm in 1983. Growed up in Västerås.
Attended 2004 in the very first season of “Idol” where she finished fourth. In the following years, she worked with television as a producer and program leader.
Sent to Melodifestivalen 2011 with “My heart is refusing me” and went to Second chance. There she was knocked out by Sara Varga.
In 2012 Loreen was back in the Melodifestival. The contribution “Euphoria” went straight to the final where it then stood as superior winner. The song later won the Eurovision Song Contest with a high score – 113 points before the second-highest Russia.
Current in the Melodifestival 2017 with the contribution “Statements”, which she has written together with Joy and Linnea Deb and Anton Hård av Segerstad. She competes in the fourth and final round, which is decided in Skellefteå Kraft Arena on Saturday.

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