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Five years ago, Loreen shattered all the resistance in the Melodifestivalen and the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Euphoria. She had never really thought more about the contest, but now she is back. “I was in vain for two days before I decided,” she said.

Spring 2012 was very exciting for Loreen. Suddenly she was recognized wherever she went in Sweden and eventually in the rest of Europe. With Euphoria, Loreen won a new record in the Eurovision Song Contest by achieving a total of 18 twelve points, winning scores from 40 of the 41 voting countries and winning 113 points before the 2nd Russia.

– I thought the song was great when I first heard it, but was shocked at how it was received. I would never have dreamed that it would be such an amazing success, she says.

She tells of how she was completely gone during the vote in Baku.

– When all the votes have been presented and I was leading, I remember that I told Christer Björkman I was hoping to get the popular vote as well. I thought it was only the judges first and then what the people like, like in the Melodifestivalen here at home. Then Christer said, “No, you have won. Up on stage and sing the song again! “I did not take anything!


Have a message

After the win, an intense journey began.

– Almost every day I performed in different places – most around Europe, but also in Japan and China. It was difficult to get everything in. But I was very pleased with all the appreciation.

She has described the first encounter with the song as meeting the great love of life.

– But I think it was the combination of my dance performance in the song that made it, it became a whole. Many thought it was strange that I appeared barefoot at first, but for me it felt right. I learned that it is important to listen to your own intuition and gut feeling. It’s something I really encourage people to do more.

To repeat the fantastic success of 2012 is almost impossible. Loreen did not really think about going to the Melodifestival anymore.

But that was before she heard parts of Statements – a song she then co-wrote along with Anton Hård af Segerstad Joy Deb and Linnea Deb (they also did Mans Zelmerlöws winning song Heroes 2015).

– I decided as late as the day before the press conference, where all the artists are revealed. Agonized for a few days, where I went back and forth whether I would or not. Then I realized I had something to say and would like to convey to everyone. Such is crucial to me. And there is no better showcase than the Melodifestivalen.

What can we see in the fourth round on 25 February in Skellefteå?

– I can say that the song is about the situation in the world today. Above all, I want to give people power and inspiration. That is what we need today, says Loreen.

The artistic is A and O for Loreen – both in terms of the content of the song and the performance. Expect, therefore, a number that stands out even this time.

– I always spend a lot of energy and time doing something extra on the stage. There must be something I can stand for one hundred percent, otherwise I would never do it.

Asking if she is afraid of failure, she answers:

– Of course I care what people think. The song has an important message and I want to perform it in the best possible way. But more than that, I can not influence the result. Just hope that people will take it to heart, and like my performance.

After last time got Loreen told that she was mysterious and could combine folk of a cool image.

– Of course it is nice to be appreciated. But I’m definitely not looking to get into some kind of elite group. My artistry is important, but to me everyone is equal. I work a lot with gender equality. My positions are that we are all free people, stand on you and let no one push you down.

As a public person, Loreen has often taken the opportunity to stand up for things she believes in. As during the Eurovision Song Contest, when she was in Azerbaijan was part of the debate on human rights.

A common perception of her is that she is very fuzzy. But it feels Loreen is a misrepresentation.

– People assume I’m some kind of spiritual hippie. But I’m more scientifically made than the picture of me shows. I love biology, physics and chemistry. Things I can explain and lead in evidence. For example, quantum physics is something that interests me a lot. But it does not appear so often in interviews.


Took care of siblings

Both of Loreen’s parents are from Morocco, but she was born in Åkersberga in 1983 as one of six siblings.

When Loreen was six years old, their parents divorced and his mother moved with the children to Västerås, where Loreen had to take considerable responsibility for their younger siblings while growing up. She had a hard time and was bullied at school.

– The classmates thought I was weird and I often ended up a little bit outside. The truth was that I liked to be alone. I loved to hide in the church and play with the sounds there. At the same time, I refused to take crap from others and lit each time I was exposed to something that I knew was not right.

– The difficult years made me definitely stronger. I got an extra boost to succeed, she says.

The first time Loreen appeared publicly when she participated in Idol 2004. Without her knowing, the sister notified her. Loreen took up the challenge – and finished fourth in the competition. After that she has worked as a television producer and program leader. She did the voice of Sleeping Beauty in the Swedish dubbing of the film Shrek the Third, and the voice of Smurfette in the film The Smurfs. In 2011, Loreen debuted in the Melodifestivalen with My heart is refusing me, which struck out in the second chance, and then there was a big breakthrough the following year.


Trives out in nature

In her spare time, she loves to be outdoors and to hike. Mostly, Loreen leaves the apartment in Stockholm, but gladly goes to Gotland when she has a few days off. Or to Iceland.

The family is large with parents, five full siblings, half siblings and a “pretend siblings”. Then she has a dog of the breed Jack Russell called Lilleman.

– When my parents divorced, I only lived with Mom. Then my biological father died when I was only eleven years old. Mom met a new man and he sees me as my dad today.
Asking if she has any partner, she answers: “No comments.” She has previously said that it does not matter if she falls in love with a guy or girl.

– For me, everyone is “hen”. It’s human, the person, I fall in love. Feels so comfortable to say that. I grew up in a Muslim home, where the parents were liberal – but did not talk about homosexuality. As a child, I remember i questioned it. How could you talk about a god who loves everything but still does not like it and not about it? It was a huge confusion for me. I think the most free people are bisexual.

How good are you on a scale of one to ten on that …

… punctual?
– It can sometimes be completely off the wall, I often started with things too late. A four.

… assemble Ikea furniture?
– It seems sad, but because I’m quite structured and having good patience in terms of such things, it will be a sick one.

… cook?
– Just a two or three. Love the food, but do not think it’s so fun to cook it. Therefore, I prefer to eat when others have cooked.

… to resist a candy dish or opened bag of crisps?
– I like a lot of fun and I’m hard to resist when I’m tired. But usually I have good discipline, so I said well a six.

… be romantic?
Oh, you’re not asking me about that! But I’m probably very good at it, a nine or maybe even 9.5. Like to surprise and make it cozy.

Facts about Loreen:

Name: Lorine Zineb Nora “Loreen” Talhaoui, 33 years.

Interests: Personal development, quantum physics, hiking and being in nature.

Best and Worst Attribute: Very serious and severe in all I get into.

Worst phobia: Masks and snakes.

Biggest load: Cactus fruits.

Sadest household chores: Discharge and cook.

Current with: Attending the fourth round of the Melodifestival in Skellefteå on February 25th with the song Statements – which she wrote with Anton Hård av Segerstad, Joy Deb and Linnea Deb.

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