– ‘Loreen accepted the Melodifestivalen at the last moment’ (24/02/2017)

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It was a long time for Loreen to attend the Melodifestival a third time after winning the whole Eurovision. – But now the old woman stand up there again, she says, laughing.

She accepted only a few hours before the press conference in December, where SVT presents Melodifestivalen artists. And the song, Statements, became quite clear a few weeks ago.

– Actually, I did not get started and create until January. There is very little time, she says.

Why did it get so late?
– Christer Björkman had asked me a few times and I always answered “but I’ve done this.” All the pieces fell into place with Euphoria and I have to be a bit humble and not assume that you can do again just like that.

A week before the press conference, Loreen sat in the studio with her friend and songwriter Linnea Deb, working on a song.
– We sat and talked about creators and world politics over a glass of wine. Suddenly, we had written an amazing chorus and some lyrics and melody.

Christer Björkman completely lyrical

Of course, Christer Björkman got a fresh look at the song sketch and called up again.
– He just “Oh my God! My Lord God! But God, so, how good!”
The right feeling of magic was there and hux flux, she had made a final turn with the Melodifestivalen. Just rolling up your sleeves and working on the song.
Loreen is sometimes described as fuzzy, but she also has a great ability to be present in the moment and concentrate.
– I feel so calm, though I’m hyperfocused, but I always go hard and zoom in on what I’m doing at the moment.

Won the Eurovision – went on retreat

Loreen has no plans to let someone else control his schooner. In Baku, for example, she had meetings on human rights organizations, which did not fall well in the regime in Azerbaijan.
After the landslide victory in the Eurovision had anyone tried to spin on the success of an international launch. Loreen chose to go on a retreat to bring order to the energies.
– To compete in music tears down the soul. When I won in Baku, I gave the trophy to Christer, because that was not why I had been with, I’m a creator.

Activist? Of course!

In addition, she is an activist who talks about human intrinsic power and ability to change his situation. That’s exactly what Statements is about.
– It always starts with the individual. Either do you feed the bad energies or feed the positive sides. I want to show that it’s bad, but not as bad as you think, there is extremely much commitment, more than ever.
Will we recognize you on stage?
– Oh yeah. Think of it as the female fragile Euphoria Loreen has received a little more skin on the nose and become more Jeanne D’Arc. The political climate has transformed her into lifting up.
– I will not hide the fact that this is political. Euphoria was more a feeling, Statements has a clear motive.

Owe Thörnqvist asks

Every week we will let a Melodifestivalen contestant send a question to the next week’s interview. This time, the question comes from Owe Thörnqvist, as always it rhymes.
Your name rhymes with Lars Norén, but you should be more fun than Noren on stage?
Of course, Loreen responds equally.
– To illustrate the light in the tunnel you may sometimes need to be like me and Norén, a bit dark and suggestive, or as you, completely boogie-woogies.

Facts: Loreen
Full Name: Lorine Zineb Nora “Loreen” Talhaoui Hansson.
Occupation: Creator and activist.
Age: “Age is only a number”.
Current: Competition in Skellefteå with the song Statements.
Living: In three places: Stockholm, Gotland and Iceland.
Family: A Jack Russell Terrier named Lilleman.
Inspiration: I love people, but my strongest inspiration is when I walk up to the glaciers in Iceland.
Best advice to the winner and to represent Sweden in Kiev: “Try to have some fun too. There is so much happening and sometimes you have hard time breathing. So stop and de-dramatize all and think that I’m actually Who controls this, I do not have to do anything.”

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