– “Why Loreen appeared nude” (07/09/2017)

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In July Loreen posted an Instagram photo where she posed bare-chested.
Now she talks about the feminist idea behind the picture.
– We must begin to question our prejudices, says Loreen to VLT.

Loreen is up to date with the EP “Nude”, and received in connection with the release attention for her stripped Instagram picture. In an interview with the VLT she describes now the acclaimed image as a feminist statement.

– I would say that everything I do has a touch of humanism, feminism or, depending on how you look at it. With the picture I wanted above all to start a discussion about what people consider to be masculine, feminine, sexy, and how to think that women “may” look. We must begin to question our prejudices, says Loreen.

Loreen: “Don’t have to be sexualized”

For her, the picture was about the idea that everyone should do what they want with their bodies.
– Even though it is naked, it is not a kind of nudity that needs sexualization. People can do what they want with their bodies and the picture is primarily about just that.
On November 17, Loreen releases a new album, which will be her first in five years. For VLT she says that the new music holds “very feminine power” and is influenced by bands like Radiohead, The Doors and Jefferson Airplane.
Later this year she also participates in the “Stjärnklart” tour together with two other former Eurovision winners – Måns Zelmerlöw and Carola.

– It will be fat. I’m glad I said yes. In terms of show quality, I’m a bit cheeky and “picky” by me. I feel that everyone in the team who work with this is incredibly careful that everything will be of very high quality. I’m going to have fun, says Loreen for VLT.

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