Västerås Tidning: ‘Loreen about coming home: “Feels sickly nervous”‘ (12/09/2017)

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The artist Loreen is twice up to date this autumn. In November she releases her new album and she returns home to the Västerås and Bombardier arena with the show Stjärnklart.

It is five years since the last time. But on November 30, the artist Loreen returns to her home. That’s why the music star Stjärnklart starts this year’s tour starting in Västerås and Bombardier arena.

– It will be great fun to come home to Västerås! I grew up near the stadium, says Loreen who has family still in town.

– But it also feels sickly nervous. The pals know everything and usually pull up old anecdotes when I get home. Then it’s hard to keep coolness (laughter)

Loreen is a debutant in the star-class gang, which also consists of David Hellenius, Ace Wilder, Petra Marklund, Carola and Måns Zelmerlöw.

– It is always a bit risky to create something together with others. But I thought it was a cool way to hang in my old hoods and have fun on stage.

You feel a bit less commercial than the other artists. Will you be yourself?

– Funny that you say that! But definitely, it’s a must to be myself. I would never do anything just because someone else wants it. And I think the audience appreciates if you are yourself, says Loreen, continuing:

– Then I don’t want to be difficult. I want as much audience as possible and like the commercial platforms. I come from poverty and want to be homey. But I want to change what is seen as commercial. That’s why I was in the Melodifestival from the beginning.

It has been six months since Loreen participated in this year’s Melodifestivalen, where she attracted attention with the song Statements. A song that differed significantly from winning song Euphoria in 2012 and did not even go to the final.

– Everyone has to change and I’m sick glad I did it. I felt it was important to highlight the political climate in our society. It was something I needed to do for myself and for all who care.

– Sometimes you have to do things that are bigger than your ego, then it may go wrong.

On November 17, Loreen’s new record will be released. The first in five years.

– This is how you’ve never heard me. It’s very analogous, and very dirty. It breathes the 60’s and 70’s. We recorded the whole album in five days, something they did back in the days.

Some new hit songs on the album?

– I do not know. The album has not been made to create hits. It’s the first chapter to create my truth. It is best suited for long road trips.


Age: 33 years

Raised: Önsta-Gryta, Västerås

Career: Loreen became known through her participation in TV4’s “Idol” 2004, where she finished fourth. She has competed in the Melodifestival three times, 2012, she won both the Swedish competition and the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Euphoria”. She also participated in this year’s Melodifestivalen with the song “Statements”.

Currently: With her second album releasing on November 17, her first in five years. Participates in the show Stjärnklart, which is premiered in Bombardier Arena November 30th.

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