– Loreen on stage in Morocco yesterday (01/06/2013)

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RABAT, MOROCCO. Loreen does success – and is celebrated by the world wide known star Enrique Iglesias.
This night she performed for the first time in front of a Moroccan crowd.
– It was powerful, she says after the show.

Last week the world star Rihanna was on the same stage. This Wednesday David Guetta.
This night Loreen Talhaoui, 29, performed in Morocco for the very first time. She performed on the yearly festival, Mawazine Rythmes du Monde in Rabat. She played before the Spanish world known star Enrique Iglesias – in front of a crowded audience.
– This is a man dominated society and they are not so use to see a woman, in a kaftan, rocking it on stage, Loreen says after the performance, wearing the balck glittering kaftan she had on stage.

Sang Bob Marley

Aftonbladet exclusively accompanies the Eurovision winner Loreen Talhaoui to Morocco.
In front of 45 000 she sang ”We Got The Power”, which she describes as a political message. She initiate the new single by first singing Bob Marley’s ”No Woman No Cry”.
– ”We Got The Power” is about the power we all have within us, the people have got the power. It is an important message to woman, Loreen says.
This was the reason for the nervousness she felt for the performance.

”I was worried”

– I was very nervous. As an artist I have s strong need to connect with the audience. The Swedish audience knows who I am. I’m mostly nervous about not being able to communicate. You feel it directly when you are on stage. I’m worried about how they will receive me, as a woman taking place. There is a difference if a Bob Bob Marley stands on stage singing “We Got The Power”. We have to wait and see how they will receive it, she says before the concert.

Her mother’s home country

She relaxes afterwards. The audience hands went up up up when she finished off with the hit ”Euphoria”.
– I felt a connection, when I said up with the hands they put up their hands.
After the performance Enrique Iglesias celebrated Loreen’s show.
– Good work! Nice to meet you, he says and smiles.
– It feels awesome, he is cool, Loreen says about the quick metting.
The Västerås girl with root in the Atlas mountains have become a star in her mother Choumicha Talhaoui-Hansson’s home country. Loreen has a Moroccan-Berber origin.
– They are very supporting here, they want you to succeed, Loreen says.

Held a press conference

Loreen arrived to Rabat, Morocco’s capitol, this Wednesday. On thursday she held a press conference.
– We love her in Tunisia, not just because of her origin but for her music, “Euphoria” is a great hit here, Ghazi Khalidsays on the Tunisian radio station Jawhara FM.
– We love seeing her in Morocco, the Moroccan journalist Cherkaoui Naoufel at says

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