– ‘There’s a lot of bad things going on in the world’ (31/07/2014)

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Loreen, who has made her name in Eurovision, has recently recently been introduced to Czech listeners in a concert at the club Roxy and is currently completing her new studio album. She just talked to us in a single conversation intended for Czech media.

What were your impressions of Prague?

It was beautiful there. There was a culture coming from every corner, it was very nice. I was there for the first time due to the concert, and it was the city that captured me. You have so many bridges! (laughter)

Do you know you already have a career relationship with Prague?

Really? Oh, you just got me, I do not know. I’m nervous! (laughs) Will you tell me?

I found an information that the strings of your single “My Heart Is Refusing Me” were recorded here in our capital city.

Of course! You’re absolutely right. At first I did not get it. One of my friends is a conductor. At the time the song was born, he was in Prague, so he recorded it here. Thanks for reminding me.

How has your life changed since you won the Eurovision?

My life has been quite different since then. Thanks to the victory, I started to travel a lot from day to day. And that’s what I said because I was always on the road before. Now it is even more intense, I meet new and interesting people. Life has changed so drastically, but I would say for the better. The best thing about this is that I’m doing something I love. I have to admit, however, that I have not changed much like a person.

Not a little bit?

I’m only paying more attention to what I do with my time now. Since I have so much work, I tremendously appreciate every spare moment and try to get it right. The day has only twenty-four hours, and I work most of it. (laughs) Oh, I appreciate the moment when I have time for family and friends.

You mentioned the performing. What do you like on the touring and what you don’t?

What I like? Clearly, I do the thing that I love most of all. Being on stage and playing for fans is a wonderful feeling. Not seriously – I’m egotistically admitting that the feeling is perfect. On the other hand, it is not really great in that I like to sleep well and it does not work too much here. (laughs) I also like to create and keep things under control, and it is not going well during the tour. And it’s too hard work, you have to put some regularity into your life. Even so, I would not trade touring for anything in the world.

How does it look like with the second album? Will the sound be different from the first record?

Not only will be the sound different, it already is! I have most of new tracks done. Besides, I would say that the novelty is about expressing more of my personal attitude, more reflection of my views. In one word I would define the album as a “riot”. It will be all natural, explosive. Part of the songs will also be mystical or abstract, if you want to name it like that.

Do the same producers help you with this album as your debut album?

This time I was surrounded by a completely different team. They are more like my nurture, they are just as crazy, but they are awfully cool. Perfect partners for all the wrong. (laughter)

What’s behind such a change?

First and foremost, that I feel like I am now – completely explosive. (laughs) When I made a “Heal” album, I was in such a spiritual or cleansing mood.

What about the hits? Do you feel any pressure from the label or fans to come up with another “Euphoria”, or for you hit songs do not play an important role?

The only thing I care about is that I’m doing what I enjoy. It is the most important. You can try to influence it, but you never know exactly what will be hit or not. People’s opinions and tastes are various, and ultimately, they are the same people who decide on the fate of that or that song. Well, when you fall under a big record company, which pays for the rotation of your damn songs and that’s really good! I just do not think about hits. And honestly enough, I’m annoyed when someone is making pressure on me to make a hit. It spoils the whole energy and the soul of the songs.

Are you the main person when it comes to recording a record? Do you like having things under control?

You bet! (laughs) But it has its merit, it’s not so. To convince others that you believe what you are doing, the result of this work must bear certain marks of your personality. If it’s someone else’s job, it’s so strange, it does not belong to you. Of course I work with a wide range of musicians, but because I have my fingers practically in everything, it seems to me the music is more true and honest.

So you write your own lyrics and so?

Yeah, yeah. At “Heal” I wrote all the lyrics. Of course there are times when you can not come up with a stupid word that rhymes there, you just get stuck. For these cases, I always have my lyrics advisor on hand.

Have you ever wondered about writing a song in Swedish? Or is it just not worth it?

It does not matter! (laughter) Each language is different. And Swedish is quite melodic. Some feelings in Swedish can not even be said, you know? It’s a beautiful and rich language, but it’s just as strong as it may be, if you do not say untidy when you listen to it. Well … so I did not think about it (laughs).

What topics do you discuss in your lyrics?

There are stories or situations that I find interesting. One of the topics that will be heard in the song tonight is a riot, a street storm. We can call it a “riot-song”. There’s a lot of bad things going on in the world. Look at the situation in China, Venezuela, anywhere. All what’s is happening everywhere. And so I wrote “Dumpster” about influential people, such as dictators, or about anyone who has a scrap of money. I tried to describe their relationship with us, the ordinary people, and to concentrate overall on who actually manages our society. We’re paying the people at the top of the money to arrange for us to be well. So when I summarize it, this is the song that the powerful can finally understand that we are here and we want to live a good life. And then I’m going to play another song called “Jupiter Drive”, and that’s basically an obsession. A woman who is so obsessed with a man. But it’s still all about the interpretation of how one understands the lyrics itself. People think it’s lovesong and I did not write as a love song at all! I wrote it like a song about a mad female! (laughter). The boundary between obsession and love is simply very thin.

Is there any artist who influences you? What are you listening to as a music now?

Well, I admit I’m not listening to much music right now. But when I do something, it influences me a lot, do you understand what I mean? I find it hard to come up with something that comes directly from me. But when you ask me, I like Chromatics, any electronics. I like the sound of the song that someone – a composer, a producer, a musician, no matter who – gave her a lot of power and time. When every second is filled with as many sounds as possible. So I admire Kavinsky and everyone involved in the soundtrack to “Drive” (laughs). I also listen to Bonobo. They are all such modest artists, they just do their own, and they remain faithful to their amazing sound.

Bonobo was about fourteen days before your concert … you should have come earlier!

What?! Fact? Damn it, I’m envious now! So I should have come a long before …

I have a few more questions from your Czech fanclub. The first thing they want to know is what your tattoo means on your finger. You have a “white noise” there.

“White noise” is my favorite sound. It’s such a noise you do not even notice. It’s like that when you switch to a channel that does not work.

You are known for living a healthy lifestyle, yet – do you have some guilty pleasure, something that you like but are you ashamed of?

Hmm … (she thinks a long time). It’s true that when I start doing something – maybe watching or eating – I can not stop! (laughter) I do it until I have enough. Well, with regard to food, this is of course the only one: chocolate. And penders. I can not eat these things. But when they are there, I have to eat them.

But in Sweden, you’re eating salty penders, right?

Well, that’s how it’s supposed to taste!

Not here! Here we have all the sweet penders.

That sounds nice, but just … (laughs)

Well, here is the final question: how do you pronounce your name correctly? Is Loreen with “e” or Loreen with “i”?

It’s quite right with “e,” but they’ve all called me “Lorin” so many times that it’s quite catchy, so I turn around when someone calls me by that name. But I’ll be more pleased with Loreen with “e” (laughs).

Loreen, born as Lorine Talhaoui, was born on October 16, 1983 in Sweden, in a family of Moroccan origin. She has stood out among her peers since her childhood with her exceptional talent for singing and dancing. Later, she started composing her own songs, and in 2004 it brought her to the “Idol” competition (our SuperStar equivalent). She finished fourth, and in addition to short-term glory, it also brought her partner: Daniel Lindström, who eventually won the contest, they were together almost 8 years. At the same time, she also worked in the TV environment: she directed, produced and hosted various programs. The breakthrough came in 2011 when she attended the Melodifestivalen with the song “My Heart Is Refusing Me”. The songs that were performed at the Melodifestivalen were scored and the winner could then represent Sweden on Eurovision. But it was not until next year that she achieved this goal with “Euphoria”. Not only did Loreen win the festival’s highest score but became the winner of the entire Eurovision and set a new record: most of countries sent her a maximum score. Half a year after the triumph in Eurovision, her debut album “Heal” came out, which fits into the box of cool Scandinavian pop.

A new album should be released in the fall this year. So far she has no title, but the singer has already told her it will be “Heal”. It is said to be in the spirit of electronics, African musical traditions and classics.

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