– ‘Loreen: The win made me harder’ (23/02/2017)

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The success of Eurovision changed Loreen Talhaoui. The important thing for Loreen is not to win – it was not there in 2012 and it is not now, when she lines up again. Instead, she wants to touch and influence with her music.

A few years before Loreen Talhaoui was born, her parents moved from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco to Stockholm. She belongs to a family where everyone has a more or less creative profession.
– It has featured two-piece music in our family, breaking out Loreen.

Loreen describes herself as a “single mess” as a child and remembers that she used to shut her to the bathroom because it was so good acoustics there.
– Then I turn off the lamp and stood and sang for several hours.
She never thought that she wanted to be an artist, or even that it was music that she stood and created inside the bathroom.

Only the day before the press conference, Loreen decided that she would participate in this year’s Melodifestivalen.
– I thought, should I or should I not? Why? And then I realized that I have something to say and would like to convey.
Loreen believes her song “Statements” is about the situation in the world. But above all, she wants to give people power and inspiration.
– That’s what we need today.

After winning the Eurovision 2012 with “Euphoria”, Loreen changed as a person, both good and bad.
– Winning something that was a hundred percent myself taught me to trust my own intuition, which felt like a great gift and victory. Just because it was actually the first time I created something entirely own. After that I have dared to trust my feelings no matter what others say and think.
The negative she thinks is that she has become more hard-tempered. The music industry is tough and in order to protect your heart, you must be a bit tough anyway.
– I was probably a bit naive at first, but now I’m tougher and protect my own right as an artist. I hope, of course, that my humility remains. I want to protect the weak in society, explains Loreen.

Loreen does not know that she risks “destroying” the big win she won last time.
– “Euphoria” is like its own book. And neither then nor now it’s so important for me to win. To me, it’s mainly about touching.

Must take responsibility

She sees participation as an opportunity to highlight important issues. Loreen thinks creative people should take responsibility and reflect society.
– Through my creation, I want to change and use my art to it. It’s my biggest driving force, especially today when it’s so segregated in Sweden. We who stand for equality and solidarity? We must remind ourselves to look past our fears. It begins with myself as an individual. Imagine if we could all take our own responsibility and take care of our closest. I promise it creates a domino effect.
It is in the moment of creation that Loreen is the happiest.
– When I create, and both look and feel that it has gone up to the others, I am satisfied. Just to sing makes me happy, then there is no balance at all in me.
For four years Loreen was out and toured with “Euphoria”, which she eventually felt tired of.
– Last year I had to pull the handbrake. I longed for the studio and wanted to create new material. I missed it and gave myself a year in the studio.

Loreen gives one hundred percent of everything she takes care of, both professionally and in relationships.
– My problem is that I give myself up so much that I let go of everything I have, because I like love so much. That makes me easily forget about myself, Loreen believes that she is always taking care of others as a big sister in a sibling couple of seven.

No clock

Touring, on the other hand, she does not see as a barrier to living in a relationship.
– Sure, it may be more complicated and harder to be with me because of all the traveling, but love one another you’ll find enough ways to get around that, says Loreen, who does not feel a huge urge for her own family.
– Honestly, I have not known about that biological clock. I have never felt a need to feed myself. I’m from a big family and have a lot of relatives, which made me have children around me almost my whole life. I have exchanged a lot of diapers, cooked food for the little sisters and helped my mother care for the youngest. Perhaps for that reason, there has never been a long yearning for creating a family. Not in any case.
As soon as Loreen has a break for a few days, she gives off to places like Gotland or Iceland, preferably as far from the public as it goes.
– It is in nature that I understand that there is something bigger. The world does not revolve around me, there are more important things. It’s so nice to let go of the ego and just be in this peace, which is impossible in the city and even the everyday rat race.

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